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Female Guppy Dying after giving birth

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I had a pregnant nice healthy blue female guppy,, who gave birth to about 25\30 fry.

I was very happy and did begin to feed the fish small amount twice a day.

She was eating food and no signs of stress,

Yesterday morning she was swimming on the top very fast and by midday she was dead...

All my water parameters are fine

I do water changes every week.

Currently i have 3 male and 6 female guppy and 30 new fry in a 60 l tank,, which has 2 internal filters,

Can someone please advise if they have encountered the same issue and if so how did they rectified it ,,,



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Hi max

I have had this happen to me unsure to why it happens

Its just a guppy thing I think

I'm only new to keeping guppys so I won't be much help I have read that if you put heaps of plants in your tank it helps with this problem


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Thanks Azza, i did tried to research wiht not much luck ,, what guppy do u have ,,,,

I also realised that some guppy seem to be way to skinny then others ,,,, not sure why

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WEll guys i had a Major Disaster , the tank cracked from the side and when i reached home there was near no water ,, I was able to save 2 male and 3 female ,, one not in good condition,,

Not the best thing to happen ,, luckily my other tank was cycled and i could just release them in the tank,,


Azza great to know your fry are doing weel and getting colour already ,,,

AUGUppy Breeder ,,i can not tell if it was her first time


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Cool looks66 sad to hear about your guppies hope you can get your numbers up again what kind of dry food are you feeding your guppies i just switched to aqua one food I'm going to try that.

Are your females pregnant?

Thanks Aaron

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