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Hi everyone.

i'm from Perth and i'm starting to breed betta fish because i've had a great interest in them over the years. I've started my own blogsite (Betta Breeders Perth) and have joined here hoping to gain advice and support. i'm also interested in buying a breeding pair of half moons (not too sure what colour yet but perhaps marble of butterfly) there aren't many breeders in Perth so it can be a bit difficult, so if your out there, let me know.

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Hi Les and Geoff

Thanks for your offers. Since I'm quite new to this, I'm not entirly sure what I want,if you have any pictures on the site or somewhere this might help me.

What age are these fish be around Feb because I would like to breed them (Also their parentage would be good if that possible so I can put that on my blog but not necessary right now)

Geoff, the link to my blog is here


It's only a few days old so any and all suggestions would be much appreciated.

(ps, what would happen if i bred a HM with a dragon??)

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(ps, what would happen if i bred a HM with a dragon??)

Sorry mate, but that question is impossible to answer. HM is a tail type and Dragon is a colour type. Without knowing the colour of the HM and the tail type of the Dragon it cannot be answered.

Dragons come in all tail types (Halfmoon, Plakat and Crowntail)

Great to see some more sandgropers getting into Betta breeding. Great to see you are doing your research first too :)

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Please dont take offence to what I am about to say but it seems you have built a cart before you have bought the horse. I am laughing as I write this and hope you get the joke as well. I will give you 100% for enthusiasm

You have asked for a few suggestions for you blog so hear goes

1. Slow down and dont be in to much of a rush if this is done right you will gain a great deal of credability. if it is done wrong you could end up with egg on your face

2. Your Blog site name. This seems to suggest that the site represents Perth breeders, does it?? This name could be a bit misleading unless that is what you intend for the site to do ( represent Perth breeders ) Maybe a name that indicates your area like Fremantle

3 Research, Research, Research, and after you have done that and compiled all your information get someone who knows what they are talking about to proof read it to make sure you have it right. Nothing will discredite you more than putting in print information that is missleading or false. You need to have all the correct information on keeping Betta Splendens before you commit it to your blog. Remember to ask permission if you want to copy anything verbatum, this will stop any accusations of plagiarism.

4. As far as the layout of your site goes I would ask first have you left yourself the opertunity to expand it and if not do so as you will most definatly need to. organise your menu so that it is easy to follow, You can achive this by looking at other blogs and sites and get the feel for which ones are easy to navigate. If its not easy people are fickle and will lose interest. Organise the information that you want to deliver to people in a way that it flows in a cohesive manner.

I could go on but I think this is enough for now. I do hope that you have great success in your venture but please remember to try and get it right before you put it out there as it will all go towards your credability and that is so very important.

as for pictures of what I have you just have to look up my threads.



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And that is just why they pick names like that for football teams becouse they catch the ear and make you want to see what they are about. personaly

I think the second name will maby with the addition of Betta in the Middle would get you the same amount of hits for people looking for a Betta site but the addition of accidentle hits for people being led there by mistake. lets face it, its the hits your after when your a fighter. ( Sorry for the Pun ) This would make your Name ether Fremantle Fighters or Fremantle Betta Fighters. The acronyms for each of these names lend themselfs better to the use in a Logo for your site FF, FBF, they look visualy more stronger than BBP, becouse there overall shape is less rounded My advice would be to register both names that way you will be able to fall back on one or even auction one off.

You will need to look at art work or something on that home page, Keep in mind your strong points that could be incorperating that Freo ( portside ) theam with Betta. When you do decide on something make sure it dosnt interfear with the navigation of the site and the reading of text Send it out to a number of people to get there feed back ( be prepared for broad shoulders and adjust only to the constructive comments ).

I have a suggestion that the toolbar to navigate the site is best running down the left hand side. My reason for this is that you can fit more running down a page than across so it will give you much more room for expansion and by now if you have started resurching you will realise this is true. Looking at other sites the are frequented often and see how they are added to is a great way to see how it should and shouldnt be done.

There are a lot more people than you may realise that would like your site to be successfull. The reasone for this is that it gives Betta "Our chosen hobbie" more exposure and we stand a greater chance of getting more people in to the hobby. If the sites hear in Australia are profesional and give an air of credability, then we can expect the international betta comunity to take us seriuosly.

Keep up the good work and I will be dorp in to yoiur blog from time to time to see how you are progressing.



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