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My Crown Tail..

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This is Curly .my CT.. My first Betta, Hes very nasty and hates other bettas with a passion!

He's always puffing his body and face up..

What can you tell me about him.... Please be honest warts and all as im learning at the moment

and need to learn what im looking at !! thanks

Hes my profile picture as well i dont think my upload worked...

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Hi Julie,

you'll need to register an account with photobucket so that the image is hosted somewhere on the internet... then you can get the direct link and post it up so we can see him.


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Hi Julie, looking at him from my iPhone, so don't get as much detail/zoom for viewing of pics.

He's a decent looking CT, but ideally we should have more pics with him in full flare that give a clear view of the confirmation of all his fins. The three unpaired are probably the most important that impact on overall form.

I can't tell if his caudal has the form preferred for ideal show fish. Ideally he should have a nice 'D' shape made up by dull the long rays and a smaller 'D' for the webbing between the rays. The outermost rays should be nice and long to make that D shape possible and avoid a rounded corner.

The web reduction seems to be adequate, but I can't tell if it's even between all the rays. Ideal show CTs have at least 1/3 of the webbing reduced. Yours seems to sit somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 - not bad at all!

The anal fin doesn't seem too long and seems to match the length of the caudal fin. the dorsal would ideally be broader and look a little more like a reflection of the anal fin.

The rays should ideally be straighter. Some look a bit ratty toward the back part of the anal fin. Might look straighter when he's at full flare.

The colour is hard to describe... Genetically, he's a non-red (yellow) Cambodian with spread iridescence (probably metallic steel blue). There is probably some marble genetics in there and possibly the blonde gene. Overall I think you might be able to call him a pastel yellow, but that doesn't describe everything about his colour. His body colour has a few dark scales, which is a fault for light bodied fish.

It's hard to comment on his body form from the angle of that pic. Ideally the body should have a perfect "spindle" shape with no bumps or dips. Like () put on its side.

Hope that helps as an intro to critique!


Ps why does iPhone auto correct anal fin to anal fun??? If it is present in the text above... It was not intentional !! Lol

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Hi Paul...

Thanks for taking the time to critique Curly...

I was actually impressed cause i bought him at City Farmers..for $10.

Usually they just have the ole veil tails,

and yes when he's fully flared, and excuse my ignorance, he looks like he is wearing a full face(scary) mask..

glad you didnt write anal fun and scare me :/ haha funnny ..

Thanks Julie :)

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