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Some of the Art Work.


Some of the prizes. Sorry, no photos of the ribbons that Jarrod hand made from scratch (big apologies for that Jarrod).


Some of the QAH displays. A big thank you to QAH for allowing us to use their hall that has purpose built display shelves around most of the perimeter.


Jarrods home bred and grown Blue HM pair with the rose tailing.



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Photos look great Pete. Glad you got some.

So much I want to say but can't function anymore. :-(.

Shower then bed. Will surface tomorrow morning.

Ps, when I close my eyes I just see fish in beanies. At least no snoring tonight. Lol. Goodnight all.

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Place decals made by Jarrod.




Jarrod made 1st, 2nd and 3rd decals for each division. As well as ribbon and laminated certificates for the owners. Trophies for division first place, and Trophy Plaques for B.O.S and R.B.O.S. As well T shirts and I.D tags & lanyards for the stewards and judges.

Seriously the amount of work Jarrod put in was mind blowing. So to Todd for building the stands and Graeme for all the work and time he did in hall this week, and Graeme, Paul and Jarrod for assembling the stands. Many others contributed a lot of time and effort to the show as well, I just suck at remembering peoples names so apologies to everyone else I haven't mentioned.

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What a spectacular effort and amazing success!

Kinda dissapointed that I didn't come up for the weekend.

CONGRATULATIONS, and well done for maintaining the momentum to get through it. It is painfully obvious how much hard work this must have been. Well done to all involved and I can't wait to see how much bigger the show will be next month. Haha!

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Great pics everyone :D

Had a great time despite only catching the end. Was fantastic to see you all and so many new faces!

So incredibly proud of everything you guys have achieved with this show, it made such an impression to walk into that place today - Can only imagine how a non-fishy person might have been even more stunned!

Big hugs all around :bighug:

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