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A small break from wilds, these are easier/quicker to edit my other ones so im gonna fill in some missing tail types! : doubletail :

: dumbo : Since lavender works so well with dumbo i updated the HM PK to be a red dragon!

i prodded about for the favicon but i havent found where i change it yet


: mac :

Is it too big??

heres a little how i make it, i use my pixel brush on about 50-30% opacity to get the nice shading.




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Thank you Neffy - the icons are wonderful, and the kids (James and Ash) are very appreciative of you taking the time to help everyone out with these superb creations (even Raz prefers the bigger ones). I'm sure they will stop their bickering long enough to agree that anything you choose to do would be a welcome addition...and that they dont expect you to create all the different wilds...at least not straight away ;)

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Its ok suggestions give an indication of what people would use!

This is my plan so far




brownorum (dat spot)

The trouble is i want visually different icons and wilds if not brown, are really similar to each other so dazzling pictures will always sway me :)

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Speak of the devil and he (she) will come. Anyway I thought of persephone but they aren't really characteristic of the coccina complex since most of the species from that group are red. Plus I love the side spot on brownorum and think it would lend itself well to an emoticon.

Here is a photo of my brownorum male if you want a clear reference.


For something different though, you could do a Betta hendra. I got a nice close-up shot of my male yesterday.


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I live in SA mate - we know nothing, and we miss everything :(

Think I'll go eat worms...

Oh! Ms Neffy, I've mentioned it once or twice in the past but have only just remembered - not sure if this is a possibility, but, are you able to do an emoticon for slapping one's self on the head? I have had many an occasion for doing it in real life and would love to be able to properly convey that feeling when I report on having done something stupid (again) to the forum

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