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White Dragon Giant HMPK + Lady Friend

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cut sik

White and Black Dragon Giant HMPK pair from Patsayawan, my hero.

He measures around 50mm from nose to the base of the caudal

She's not far off around 47mm



Note she jumped out of the chimney (tart) and got nipped in her anal fin - it was reasonably even, so please disregard this damage (it's growing back already)




Thoughts on colour would also be appreciated, don't know much about draguns neither.

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He is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! drool.gif

Only last night was I imagining a fish just like him, would you believe?

Good luck with them. :)

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Thanks Sarah - took some video in the slapdashproduction TM Photobox - it's mostly funny because only half way through I realize I'm in the shot.


Look at the fish phluz, not the freshly awoken DIY agent.

Check out the vide-yo:


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Squee! He's just so beautiful!

I want fry please, no pressure (okay just a little).

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these fish are absolutely gorgeous, i like the symmetry of your boy and the contrast in colours he is an absolute bewt!

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Ok lets go my interpretation of ibc rules, some things confuse me and may not be relevant! i love the splattered black on him buttttt...

marble betta

less then 25% of either light or dark colour - major fault (owch)

Opaque white (full white not clear celo type) - I dunno if this applies to your guy as its dragon not opaque right?

Black specs (minor fault if few in number)??

I couldnt find any classification for dragons im sure there is some ?? itd be really helpfull wouldnt it LOL

Metalic opaque white ? (looks like a dragon)

Presence of non-white tones on metallic opaque white (major fault)

things working for him

- colour on all fins

- high contrast

- edging of colour is sharp

form is pretty spot on but ill open up the rules later :D

Girl (just quick observations i should get back to work)

- not even dragon coverage

- rounded edges

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I'm going to have a go at critique.

The form defects:

- The rounded edges of the caudal

- dip in the head

- slight bend in the anal fin

- Anal too long


- the colour does not cover the whole head or face

- There's not a good colour spread for marble. There's not enough black...

- His dragon scale doesn't cover all his body, the place where body meets anal fin has no scales?

I think all these a minor defects overall he's an amazing fish! U always seem to get such pretty fish... I'm so jealous...

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Would you guys suggest he / they are show plakats? not traditional?

Show Plakat Standard

This is the most common of the plakat forms bred today,

combining traits of traditional plakats and show Betta. Like the

traditional, the form is asymmetrical. The show plakat standard is the

same in all respects to that of the traditional plakat with two essential


Dorsal: The dorsal fin should be semi-circular and preferably

snap open as a fan. In the most ideal situation the dorsal overlaps the

upper part of the caudal. The upper front edge can be either sharp or

slightly rounded.The capacity of the fin to open in this fashion is often

achieved not by in increase in volume, but by an increase in fin ray

branching and possibly a slight increase of rays. In the most ideal

situation, the dorsal overlaps the upper part of the caudal.

Overlap of the dorsal with the body is not desirable.

Caudal: Unlike the traditional plakat, the caudal fin is

the same as the standard show Betta-. - -. The caudal spread is 180 degrees, has straight rays, sharp edges

and the shape of a semi-circle (capital “D”), no longer the 1/3


the length of the body. The ray splitting

should be evenly distributed with a secondary branching (4-ray) or more without becoming too excessive. A

>180 degree spread (overhalfmoon, oHM) is not preferred above a 180 degree spread.

Anal: The anal fin has a trapezoid shape with the front rays (anterior) part shorter than the rear

(posterior) part. From the front to the back the anal show as gradual slope coming to a pointed tip. The

longest ray of the anal ideally should be at least twice as long or longer (preferred) as the length of the outer

rays of the caudal. During flaring, the front should be directed forward and the back should overlap the

lower part of the caudal.

Ventrals: The shaper of the ventrals mimic the blade of a knife with the cutting edge directed

backwards. The ventrals have a full appearance, are equal in length and should not appear to be

permanently crossed. The length of the ventrals should be at least equal to the longest ray of the anal.

Pectoral fins: As in other show betta.

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Yes definetly show not traditional, so you want the oval look to them without measuring or anything id say you would probably want his caudual to be a bit longer to fit against the dorsal better and balance him out a bit.

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Hi Vicks,

Well at the moment they are in a very large 40 litre spawn tank - its bigger than they probably need, but with the two in ther, I like to give her lots of room.

Usually I keep my Giants in around 10+ litres each, they do need a bit more room than my Halfmoons (that each have 6 litres in my barracks system)


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Very nice! Your female looks like she has eyelids that can blink and she's giving you the how dare you call me a tart look!I have a giant at 90mm (tip to end)and the girl is 80mm another pair at 75mm both m and f. I find that this type is more difficult to breed as the males are crazy! Do not put a normal sized female in there with him, unless you have a gentle giant (by looking at the pic he seems quite feisty), he will literally kill her! (It may just be my 90mm giant though. So it seems that your female jumps the chimney too, that's how I lost one of my girls to the crazy giant of mine. They also eat a whole lot and poo even more :lol:

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