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I think I have cory eggs.

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A friend of mine has had the police arrive twice, with a search warrant as neighbors have called up about the running water noises in his back garage. He has a full fish room set up.

Would be funny except they always arrive EARLY in the morning and drag him out of bed. Lol. :-)

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UPDATE - I've been looking after the little fry over the past few months. I kept them in one of those little floating fry tank things that I bought from the LFS.

When they grew big enough, I tried moving them to a 15L tank but the filter and the heater I had were too big for the 15L, so they weren't coping too well and weren't eating. I turned the filter off and tried to do a few more water changes instead but it was still hard to clean the food from the bottom of the tank while trying to avoid cleaning up the fry themselves. They started dying one by one.

So I moved them all back into the floating tank back in the main 4ft tank but very disappointed to see that they haven't been doing so well, I think the move was very stressful for them.

Then this morning I came downstairs and found the floating tank had sunk. No signs of the fry. Very very disappointed.

BUT I did see a few survivors swimming around, the big fish are leaving them alone but a couple of times I saw the bettas chasing them and trying to chomp 'em. Each time they were able to get away unscathed. I hope some of them survive. My out-of-control snail population seems to be helping to keep the fry hidden amongst them.

Here's one of them next to one of a million snails:


That's the tail of the much larger bristlenose on the left. The bristlenose completely left it alone even as the fry swam next to it and in front of it, slapping the much larger fish's face with its little tail:


A fry feeding on flakes that had sunk to the bottom of the tank during feeding time, with a yoyo loach and an oto in the top right hand corner:


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