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Hello Ha :)

Im Steve ( jimmyarcane ) and I been a fiss keep er for about two years.

I started with a community tank with Tetra, neon, red/blue columbian, red eye, glow light and an angel or two :)

Next another tank with Ottos and cherry shrimp.

next convicts, to start on the cichlids , lots of fry :)

More tanks more fish , diy co2, home made filters . . well . .

Now I got a Community tank with angels and tetra, and I have a couple of tanks with Endler's and Cherry shrimp .

I found your website, googlee Endlers and found a thread or two. I love the little Fiss, keeping them in tanks alone. . I

So, thats me. Love fish :) and Fishkeeping. Will upload photos once my post is Aproved :)

Chat later all

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Howdy Steve,

Welcome to the Forum! We're all pretty helpful around here, provided we get to see photos... :lol: You'll find that if you neglect to post photos, the flock will circle and start poking you until you do.

And let me be the first to start the poking... :poke:

Looking forward to hearing more about your fish.

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