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Hi everyone from Bridgette on the Gold coast


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Hi everyone, let me introduce myself.

My name is Bridgette and I live on the Gold Coast, QLD. I absolutely love bettas and have four, three females and one male. All of my betta's have large-ish gold fish bowls which give them room to swim, as well as a plant and castle to hide in in each tank. I am very interested in breeding bettas and plan to specialize in breeding giants (Plakats or HM's). In fact one of the reasons I joined this forum was to locate a reliable australian breeder who has giants. I look forward to hanging out with y'all and talking the fish talk. Hi to everyone and their fishlings :)


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This didn't come up in My "New Content"????

Welcome, we have a good number of members breeding lots of great fish at the moment. In Brissie, we have Shadoh who is pumping out lots of PK at the moment and Ness, Kertaz and Felix (??) have some great HM at the moment (these people located in Melb but sure they ship). As far as I know, we have a few attempting giants but not sure if anyone has had any great success at this point of time.

Welcome to the site. Photos will be requested if your fish.


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