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Hi from Darwin!


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Hello all,

I've just started breeding fighting fish, and am looking to own some axolotls of my own as well. Unfortunately they're pretty much impossible to come by in Darwin so I'm having to look for them elsewhere - hence finding this site...

Wouldn't mind any betta breeding tips though, because my female isn't too interactive... How long is it usually before she allows the male to mate?

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Look through some spawn logs, in the gene pool. Lots of answers and tips there.

You will need a chiller for the axolotis, as far as I know. Sarah has quite a few and I am sure she will help you. She is very knowledgable about them.

And welcome. :-)

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Welcome to the forum!

As per axolotls, definitely need a chiller - I just got one, it's a life saver.

Have a read through these pages if you haven't already:



http://all-about-axolotls.blogspot.com/ (my blog hehe)

Feel free to ask any questions!

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Thankyou all for your replies... it's actually TEANA, made a typo when entering details :)

I became a caudata.org member a few days ago, its has an amazing wealth of information!

Will certainly be looking through the spawn logs and the axolotl sites mentioned.

Thanks again!!!

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