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Multiple Spawn Grow-Out... experimental tank (Verdict = FAIL) good thread but.


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Got that 3 foot tank in the back of the car from the last VB meet.... what to do with it?

I had big plans to use it as a grow-out, but looks like I'll have more spawns than just the one... and smaller numbers.


Got that plastic coated fly wire under my bed.. I wonder if they'd fit through - maybe, yeah, ahh I'll just try GOD IM BORED.

Wait, I still have some of that poster hanging edging, maybe... hmm... I wonder if that fish safe silicone will stick to the plastic?

one way to find out.... I'm feelin another D.I.Y Slap-dash production!!!!


step a.) find somewhere to put the tank... yeah - that sort of fits.

step b.) find all your junk, fishsafe silicone from the LFS, tape (couldn't find masking tape - found present wrapping metallic LAZER tape, that'll do) scissors, other scissors, netting, poster hangers, pot plants


Plastic poster hangers from K mart for $5 for 92 cms

step c.) chop netting lightly and simmer over a.. no, wait... measure carefully the interior of the tank, and slide the poster hanger stuff over the netting stuff and make sure it's square. (this took longer than you might imagine)


step d.) cut to sizzzzzzzze - with scissors!


Step: next) aknowledge that you haven't really thought this through, and that the corners don't really meet up, but, neither do the corners on the interior of the tank, so.. actually, this might work.

Leave corners, what isn't fixed to the walls of the tank can be filled in and siliconed, why? because silicone is AWESOME



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Right... next (forget the steps because I can't keep up and I doubt you're writing this down)

This bit is a bit harder, I didn't measure or nothin, cos thats not what slap dashers do..... I wanted to make 2 partitions so that I could have 3 spawns growing out, and I only have to do one big water change daily.

With my crappy not very sticky blue LAZER tape, I masked the edges, and then used gaffa to keep the screen up.


it's not really straight, but I'm SO excited about getting out the silicone gun I don't care.



(Happiness is a loaded gun)

Note, this is where you pause, enjoy the gun moment, think about how lovely and viscose silicone is, have a quiet fantasy about all the things you could fix and DO with this gunk... and then pull the trigger.


scoop it out, still..... nothing.... whats..... going on?

oh - it's dried all through the nozzle, and despite the excited-ness, you're going to have to spend the next 20 mins building up the anxiety of the JOY of silicone just because... ugh.. ok

[20 mins later and quite a bit more mess accrued = clear nozzel]



Note iphone is playing Dolly Parton, you are working 9 to 5 on this thing, and because that sunroom isn't really ventilated you're probably off your face on fumes.

Go outside, breathe, come back, remove LAZER tape.... admire dodgy job, don't care. (slap dash) - let it cure.

Think about lighting and all the other considerations such as filtration and heat... oh.. dunno.

Actually I don't even have a heater for this bad-boy.... ugh... more monies to spend... and I'll probably get a little internal aquaone filter - just for kicks... but this'll be getting daily or every second daily water changes of anywhere from 10 - 50%

hmm.... Off to bunnings to see what's there: is this any good? I bought two: http://www.arlec.com.au/viewProduct.aspx?productcode=UC643&catalogueID=13&parentCatalogueID=5

Cost like $36 or somethin.



Product code: UC643 ( Current Product )

Anyhoo - gotta make a hood cos it's 90 cms and the tank is 91 - mmmmm wet electricals = bad. The tank has cured for 24 hours..... its got a good grip of the poster hangers, and has dried where I have inch thick beads in the corders so naughty fry can't play with cousins.


Hmmm... silicone still looks dodge, ELECTRICAL TAPE!


Finished for now, till I get my act together and get down to Subscape for a filter and a heater.... oh, and until the turquouse kids are old enough not to fit through the screens!

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Thanks for sharing.

I like it! I like it! I like it alot!

More DIYs ideas for me to play around and get myself down and dirty.

Where did you get the sealant from? Bunnings?

I will go to kmart and check out this poster hanging thingos and add them into my own future DIY plan.

Let me know how it will all turn out when the fish and all are in happily.

I am planning to divide my 3 footer too. according to species type but never got around doing it.

I have about 6 type of fishes swimming around at the moment in my 3 foot (guppies, Apistos, Rams, Fighters, platys, suckers)

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Let me just suggest that y'all go to your LFS and get an approved silicone - there's plenty out there with scary antibacterial crazy junk that will kill yo phish.... infact there's a thread on here somewhere with tanksafe silicones (I bought mine from coburg)

Joan - none of my spawns have been over 40, and the failed spawn I had growing out (the stunted ones you grew out beautifully) were only 80 in number.

I have a happy number of 20-40 per section of that tank, and keep in mind it's all for the first 2-3 months, then they're jarred usually!

Just scored a 2.5 footer with a nice heto light on ebay for $30, that might be the next grow out, so there's going to be 9 juvi fish in this one till the turqs grow up enough!!!


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U can get aquarium safe silicone from bunnings for about $8 a tube. Just make sure it's the one that says "aquarium safe" it's more expensive that all the other ones. I'm up to my second tube now, I make my own fry saver, breeding caves and my CO2 lid to tube connection bit

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Actually it'd be quite handy in a tube, but I really like the consistant pressure you get off a gun, but horses for courses eh?

There isnt' yet a good pic of it - but it's working really quite well - I'm growing out 7 little something-month-old-noodles, while I wait for my miniature turq fry to get big enough to transport and not fit between the mesh walls.

It's working quite well, the filter is working quite well with only 7 bodies to clean up after.

I'd recommend this for anyone looking to do just one big water change and perhaps keep all the fry in one place.

Just don't forget that if you subscribe to the growth inhibiting hormone or not - there need to be lots of water changes in this arrangement, you still have lots of bodies crammed into one tank.

Not the most flattering pic - and totally NOT scaped! just threw in all the duckweed and wassitcalled, with some java and misc plants held down by rocks - i just want them to condition the water (I should put more energy into it, but there's so much disturbance with water changes!!!


That wooden backdrop isn't doing the colour of the water any favours!!


Happy noodle.

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Yes, they're very handy - good to know

Actually I was thinking about this thread, the success of this idea was absolute zero epic fail, after several water changes the poster edges came away from the walls and the tank was a mess for ages with bits of silicone everywhere.

Just wasn't worth the effort... but ten points for trying.

New DIY thread incoming!

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I made some dividers using a combo of poster hangers, stiff embroidery mesh and plastic picture frames, they were a few dollars a frame fro, go lo used the glass for the lids... the plastic frame when pulled apart were just the right size I used those for the sides for more support and the picture hangers cut so they fitted really tight using pressure to hold in place with just a few dabs of silicone, worked perfect. I should get some pictures up... I am going to try thick sponge next time and rig up a filter through it at end of tank...

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