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My new pair!


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Ohh, and mum just gave me her old dslr camera, she never uses it. Said it's too fidly with too many settings. So once I get batteries for it, I'm hoping I'll get some really nice photos!

Thanks Milk Crate. :)


Jarrod said they carry non-red, love the thought of that. :)

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Thanks guys!

While rearranging the axolotl tank, I looked over and saw somehow the male had gotten to the females compartment through the divider.

Both fine, not even a nip - must have been there for only a moment. Moved male back, and stuffed some more sponge between the heater. Still have NO idea how he got there though - couldn't even fit the tip of my pinky though the gap.

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Any chance he jumped? My babies are good jumpers.

I sold 2 on the weekend and put 2 new boys in the empty slots in the barracks. In the process, I forgot to replace the mesh I now sit over the top of the containers. The next morning, I got up to find that one had jumped in with the other and they had beaten each other up pretty bad...

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Didn't finish posting the pics!





Male without flash -


Male SOMEHOW got past the divider again. He pushed the sponge out of the way to make a small enough gap. NO idea how he did it, I was extra careful to make sure he couldn't - as I've had it happen before. Stuffed in even more, positive he won't get through again. A few nips on the girl, but nothing major.

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Yep. Female looks pretty plump... hey do you think I should let them grow up a little bit more (not for much longer, just a little) or sanitize my spawn tank from Sinalei, set it all up and when it's ready try them?

Oh last piccies. :)




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Oh thanks for the link Jarrod, got distracted elsewhere, but I'm decided on names now. Thankyou. :)

Meet Rahiti - his name means 'The Sunrise'.



This is Temoe, her name means also means 'The Sunrise'.





Wasn't sure if I wanted their names to have the same meaning, but they are a pair, and the names are pretty.

I NEED THE SUN so I get stick the spawn tank in it, and GET A MOVE ON!!!

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Both male and female are going well.

The male, Rahiti, DID eat almost all his fry (leaving three..), but health/happiness wise, he is good. Has a bit of a bubblenest going.

Temoe, the girlie, is going very well. She lives in a 20L tank divided in half - and shares with Sina - my blue HM female.

She has really plumped up, and ready for a re-spawn; although I'm waiting until AFTER the next Betta Australis meet so I don't have to leave the fry.

Her and Sina can see eachother in a bit of a gap through the divider - they are often flaring at eachother.





Sorry for the quality of the photos.

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