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Hi everyone, I have been a member of this forum for a while now, however I havnt posted for some time so I thought I need to introduce myself again. My location is Broken Hill, N.S.W. and I post here and on Killifish Australia, as Killi. I find that from Broken Hill it is difficult to get hold of some of the fish on my wish list, however I am going to Adelaide in a couple of weeks and to Melbourne at the end of the year so might have some luck there. Are there any breeders or retailers that would consider sending eggs or fish by mail. I have bred some Gardeneri which three pair in their own tank with mops and peat. Anyone know of locations in Melbourne where I might try for Lagos, Australe and other Killi locations I would appreciate a heads up.

Best wishes

Dennis (Killi)

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G'day Dennis,

Give killiguy a PM and see what he has at the moment - he's always breeding some interesting killi's and apisto's and other small fish - he's not far from Melbourne and he has sent killi's to me in the past. There's a few others in NSW who have killi's who come on this forum from time to time - do a search for killi or killifish and you'll see a few people pop up there

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