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Hi from Melbourne


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Hi everyone,

I'm a hobbyist from Melbourne. I've loved fish when I was a little kid and my guppies spawned like mad =D. But I stopped keeping fishes until recently when I randomly search information about catfishes and betta. I've been charmed because I didn't know they have various different types and they are absolute beautiful

I just started with 2 fish tanks and some catfishes: 4 sterbai corydoras and 2 mystus vittatus catfishes. However, my 30L tank seems to be too small for the mystus catfishes as they don't have enough space to swim around. Therefore, I am looking for someone to adopt these two guys. Any recommendation?

I properly will start keeping my first betta soon =D. Maybe get one from the next betta meeting.

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Hi Foscent (where is the name from? I like it)

Welcome to the forum - be sure to have a good look around and search for lots of terms, there's heaps of info about Betta needs, setting up tanks safely for them, what they need/want/demand etc.

There's a thriving Melbourne community, and lots of active breeders at the moment.

I'm trying *looks over her shoulder at the 2 spawn tanks* .....any moment now...............

Anyway - I've got a few for sale, and so will some of the other members at the Vic Betta meeting coming up November 20 - oh - see Neffy's link for details.

Or have a poke around www.victoriabetta.com to get a sense of what the meets are like.

You're welcome to come as a spectator! We love new blood!


x Ness

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