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wtb killifish eggs


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Mate, Davo offered to help you out earlier in this thread, you've been given a couple of leads, but still no luck? Did you notice the launch of Oz Fishy Bids? There is a topic or two on it in the classifieds section. Just a quick look and I see plenty on there for sale...


Best of luck

Oops...OK, just noticed they were all closed. I'll go back to my corner now :blush:

Did you contact KillieOrCory? He usually has something available...

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Yeah, haven't had the chance to do much on ozfishybids.

Was busy with getting me 140 tank fish room up...gosh it's hard work.

Anyways, the setup should finish by the end of this week or the next week...

Hi Serken,

Would you like to relist your items on the ozfishybids site?

I am going to put some more on soon..


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Could be any number of factors including insufficient demand. One of the key reasons I think is because there aren't any big killie farms in Asia. Seems to me that unless there's a big supplier that our wholesales can get fish from, we're not likely to see them in shops. That said, the wholesalers DO often have some species eg gardneri, australe, dageti, and annulatus. You have to ask your shop to order them for you.

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I would have hopefully the following coming around in spring/ summer

* A. Australe (Gold)

* A. Australe (Chocolate)

* A. Filamentosa

* A. Poliaki

* A. Straitum

* A. Gardneri (Udiberg)

* A. Gardneri (Jos Plateau aka Aquarium Strain)

* A. Gardneri (Nsukka)

* A. Gardneri (Gold)

* A. Gardneri (P82)

* A. Bivatiatum

* A. Ameitii

* A. Callirum

* A. Scheeli

I'm trying to find:

* A. Ahli

* A. Lujae

* A. Gabuense

* A. Gardneri (Albino)

* A. Australe (Cape Lopez)

* A. Sjoestedji (But of a different strain and younger fish)

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