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Hi from QLD


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A few things you should probably do with barra. Create a quarantine tank to treat feeder fish prior to feeding. Methylene blue is a useful tool for treatment. Paracide tablets can become expensive if using every time you buy feeders.

Another good tip is if you own a large predator, breeding your own supply of feeders is a good idea. Mollies, platys, swords are good for this as they are prolific breeders and reasonably cheap to start with. We had a 35cm barra (Barry) that i used to hand feed until he tried to take my hand off one day!

But have fun with him, they are a nice fish with plenty of personality

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Methylene blue won't do much for internal parasites....

breeding your own feeders is the cheapest option - live bearers are good - convict cichlids breed like flies too and are good parents raising the live food for you :)

a hungry fish will get the hang of pellets after a while - my Murray cod loves live fish but will eat pellets even though he appears to look at me like I'm feeding him 2nd rate food! He does get rosy barbs and guppies from my pond for treats which he's always happy to have....

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