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Hi from Perth

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Hi everyone,

i am new to this forum and come here looking to buy bulk amounts of (cheap) bettas and to see if anyone has some killifish eggs to sell..but cant yet post in the classifieds. I am a Discus keeper/breeder/Importer from perth



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Chin up it wont be that hard I dont have any spares at the moment but there are plenty of members in this forum who will have. The following members sell Bettas, Jarrod at Brisbane Bettas may have some and Jha in NSW always has quite a selection but you could also try Jodie-Lee (Fishchicks)in Bribane. These are just a few so make a few friends on the forum and sound a few members out when you know what types you are after and I am sure you will get some quality stock in time

I hope this helps



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Welcome mate. Well as les said there are a few over east but we are getting some good stock here in Perth. I currently have a spawn that's 4.5 weeks old that i got from melbournebettas and will be starting a second spawn soon. This weekend. :-)I keep HM's and looking at getting into some CT's but can't decide which ones just yet.

Anyway welcome to the forum


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