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Hi everyone


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Just a quick hello to all the other enthusiasts out there.

I am based in Queensland on the Gold Coast and specialise in breeding A-grade African Cichlids, currently breeding Astatotilapia latifasciata aka. Zebra Obliquidens.

I always have plenty of stock and am looking at selling them at very reduced rates.

I have worked in quite a few aquariums and share the passion as I am sure many others on here do.

Look forward to discussing techniques and providing any information I can.

If you are looking for any Zebra Obliquidens and are based in Brisbane or the Gold Coast feel free to msg me, they are a great addition to any African Tank. :)

I specialize in breeding Astatotilapia latifasciata ("Zebra Obliquidens") at the moment.

Would love to share some of my broods with other local aquarium enthusiasts.

More info: http://www.cichlid-forum.com/articles/a_latifasciata.php

Contact: info@firetricks.net or Private Message


$10.00ea 0 - 10

$8.00ea 10 - 20

$5.00ea 20+

Breeder Male


Uploaded with ImageShack.us


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Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Peace Out.

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