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Girlz0r's Iwagumi Cube


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SO, after taking down the 4 ft tank, and promising to myself to down size, I went and spend more money (weeding money, oops) on a smaller tank.

It's a 40 cm Cube Opticlear. It's so beautiful <3

Finished or still tweaking the hardscape before I add plants, water and fish, picking up an Up Aqua CO2 system today for pretty cheap. Have been debating with myself whether or not to get one. But i couldn't refuse an offer.

Okay here's the important stuff.


Hardscape: I've rotated the tallest rock a bit since this picture, it was showing too much of the flat side.



OH, and David and I have been sucked into marine. It's at his place now with a temporary hood until we move out after we're married in may.

I aquascaped it, he's in charge of all the technical stuff, as I am pretty useless at it. He wanted it view able from 2 sides, I think i'll be moving one of the rocks from the side view when I'm next over though..





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ohh wow i love them the rock placement is really nice, are they the same rocks you had in your 4ft? the bonsai ones? Cant wait to see what plants you put in it :D What type of substrate are you using?

marine looks very nice so far! do you know what fish you will be getting?

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Thanks neffy :)

Substrate is from Subscape, Jordan bought a bag for me from he last shift in exchange for a McFeast meal on the way home from picking up the tanks haha! They are the same rocks but placed differently. Substrate is just small black/brown gravel, Not too sure on what it is exactly.

Been looking at a lot of different scapes and improved the last placement,

any crits on the current layout? I want it to be just right before adding fish and plants.

For the Marine, probably looking for a pair of ocelaris clowns, and loads more corals. Oh and I want a dottyback. They are too cute. Or maybe a small lion fish only. Cos it's so small it's difficult to get the big pretty fish.

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I would have mentioned the tallest rock being a bit square but you said you have shifted it a bit so thats all good =D if i was to be really picky i might suggest that the rock to the right of the tallest one could be a bit taller to help make more of a curve down to the substrate. I really like the layout eitherway :D

marine tanks are hard i cant visualise how the rock placement will look once all the corals ect have grown in but i think clowns and dottybacks would look stunning in it :D they would be my pick if i went marine!

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It's beautiful, you're going to have lots of fun with this tank, I can already tell.

Jordan is (as you know) the sensai of iwagumi, so you're in good hands! I can't really crit the layout cos I have NFI how these things work, but the hardscape looks very promising.

We'll all be excited to see updates on this.


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yeah, we dive together often. went up with a couple mates to mornington to collect abs and scallops over the easter break! jordan, my fiance and myself came back with 135 scallops, which were eaten within 12 hours.. couldn't look at another scollup for a good month after that haha!

anyway, here's an update of the marine tank.


New corals, rocks are settling in, which means they are shifting.. which annoys me a bit. Couple new corals today. Green finger and.. another lps, not sure of the name.


Coral beauty. he's settling in at the moment, so can't see him in the tank. Here he is in the bag though.

Couple hours till I pick up co2!! the extent of plants to which I'm able to grow now is near limitless...yay! Any suggestions?

Oh and good eye Neffy. I'll see if an can adjust the tilt of it when I get home tonight. Thanks :D

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*claps* your marine rock arrangement is really nice! I swear normally it looks like people have just clumped a whole bunch of exotic looking rocks together XD

and that fish is freaking gorgeous :drool: :drool: and it's awesome how you've got your guy to take care of all that 'tech stuff'... that's definitely one of the factors putting me off marine... all the chemistry/equipment sounds super confusing @_@

and in regards to your also awesome iwagumi, Jordan's brain (as Ness said) would probably the best one to pick for ideas. XD

with Co2 things are almost limitless. do you have ideas for stocking? are you thinking of shrimpies? or fish?

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Updated. Thanks for the suggestions, looks quite a bit better now! (I think so anyway)

checked on the Corals and Coral beauty, They are doing well, and settling in :D.

Just picked up co2, and will drop by subscape to get a refill on the tank, as I believe it is not very full..

Looking to add the red phantom tetras and the boseman rainbows.... if we can catch them out of the 5 ft hahaha.

Might get some shrimp, but will probably be eaten by the fish coz I don't think there'll be much room for the fish to hide.

Will be using HC as carpeting, planning on dosing ferts too.

Background, not too sure yet. Will check what plants I've got as I'm already WAAAAY over budget. :lol: surprise surprise.

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