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What happens at a fish show?


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The fish swim up and down and flash their fins.... the crowd ooohh's and looks at the amazing fashions and colours.... the fish pose for a photo or two.... and then a mean judge picks one to get the prize and makes all the other little fish feel sad that they weren't the prettiest fish at the show :P

Well something along those lines :)

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if a fish cries because they didnt win...can you tell??? :giggle:

how do you transport the fish to make sure they dont get all stressed out...it isnt like you can say "come on flipper, get in the car...whose a good boy then"

How do you maintain warmth?

Doesnt it expose your fish to stress inflamed diseases?

Do you bring your own tank?

Are they fun?

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A brief rundown on how we do it at Vic betta shows would be, arrive setup fish, trading table, chatting ! Once fish are all in the tanks there's sometimes a brief rundown on how to vote and what to look for then everyone crowds round the fish and votes. we tally it up while a discussion goes on about various betta topics then the winners are announced! Followed with a raffle full of things ppl have donated

Transport in plastic fish bags in a foam box with newspaper around them to stop them Rolling about and seeing each other

I maintain warmth by using a kettle to boil water and adding it to the bucket till it feels warm enough, not too hot.

Sometimes you get some fish who don't give a hoot and others who will sulk the whole show. I don't think anything too serious affects them

We provide beanie boxes and the asov has a room full of fish showing tanks for the wilds and giants

Heaps of fun, good bargains and informative!

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They are fun.

But only if you win, other times I've driven home wanting to swerve off the bridge on the way home, taking me and my looser fish with me.

Its small-fry here in Aus, but generally speaking, you double bag your fish as late as possible - often you're so excited you spill a few on the shag-pile, dust them off and into the styrofoam boxes (insulation)

Along-with (i) take the following:

Bucket, Stresscoat, Thermometer, GHz powder, salt, bettafix spare bags, spare elastic bands, net.

Drive slowly around corners until you reach your destination.

Un-bag fish, and prepare water as you would for a water change (no IAL nor stained water) BYO water if you want - I use kettle and tap + treat it when I'm there.

Put them all in beanie boxes, get a sign-in form from the steward, nominate the class, breeder name (for ASV points) owner name (also for points) and... um...

Then you wait

Generally our shows run for 5 hours with a Vic Betta meet, and yeah - they get cold-ish, but the entire ASV hall is heated like mad, and Daryl often remembers to pop the heater in the fish room.

They're carded until judging.

then reverse the process upon return home.... I put some bettafix in my water on the way home so the kids don't get too sick (it's very stressful).... you go home with one million prize ribbons stuffed into your handbag, ready to be pasted on the fridge for your friends and family to worry about how seriously you're taking your "hobby"



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OH YEAH, us fish peeps - we're such a tough group.... beer swillin' leather clad, studded collars and the rest of it.

Once you're initiated you get a patch on your leather vest, then we all do laps around the ASV building on our motorbikes and do secret fish-deals with locals.

We make them pay their protection money, but we keep them safe too.


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