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So, I've never been very good at introductions.

I'm in Sydney and I haven't had fish for probably over a decade but we're now looking into getting a 5 foot tank and beginning our hobby. I'm completely in love with Bettas, so will be gradually stocking (cluttering) my house with some good sized tanks to house the males seperately.

I still have heaps of questions regarding the keeping of our preferred fish and figured I'd be better off asking the pros on here!


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Didja hear that guys? We're the PROS... ohhh yeaaaaah!

OH, hi Hungry... welcome and all that.... looking forward to hearing more about what you like about betta - fav colours and tail types etc.

There's some talented breeders around if you're looking to stock tanks with lovely fush.

Much better than your Local Fish Store numbers.

5 FEET! now THAT's a delicate (re)entry into a hobby... I must say!

(Sounds like a premo grow-out tank to me!)

x Ness

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Having only really been looking at Bettas for a few weeks now, I have to say that my favourites change on a daily basis. Though, Halfmoon Butterflies are always jaw-droppers. Though, after seeing someone's Big Eared Lavender Butterfly Halfmoon Plakats (mouthful!), I'm starting to sway.

And, ugh, I can't even look at the Bettas in my local Aquarium store. They're kept in containers so small, they can hardly move, all stacked on one another and none of them flare anymore. Actually, none of them move, so...

The pet shop down the road at least has a filtered barracks but still... pet stores worry me. So I'm definitely going to buy from a breeder here (messages with available fishies welcome! Price isn't an issue. Though that $1000 Betta better be poop gold dust!). :D

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And don't tempt me... I don't even have my tanks here and cycled yet but I must've watched that video about three dozen times now. :blush:

Likewise I was going to order them but decided to sleep on it, next day they were sold and I am left staring at cycling tank wondering what could have been.

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