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Do Jarred Juvies sulk like adults?


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A week ago I jarred 7 juvies in my now "no longer cursed" barracks. 6 out of 7 are going great guns. 1 looked like he was going down hill after a couple of days. I put him back in the kidlets tank and he brighten back up...no problem. Do they sulk like an adult can?

Saturday, I jarred 5 more into the barracks. They have all gone down hill, clamped fins, stress stripes etc, 1 big time and I think he isnt going to make it. They looked just misable in there. The orignal 6 are still going great in there which makes me think it isnt the water. I have removed this new batch to another tank and put the really crook one in an iso tank. They look a but brighter now.

Is this normal behaviour? Is there an adjustment period after you jar your juvies?

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