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What to do when you have a deadline looming? Scape yo' Tank!

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I just,

it's just...

Well it's not that exciting, but I haven't had much to contribute lately with the spawn tanks on hold prior to going away.... so here! see my tank!

I've had a clutch of plants floating patiently in my sorority, and after the purchase of some more plants at the ASV meet yesterday.... i decided.....

it was time.

(to embrace substrate)


Don't ask me what any of these plants are, I know there's ... java fern, crested java, um.... amazon sword, green tiger lotus.

Feel free to ID, or not, I'm easy.

The other lovely green things and pink things that have not melted into oblivion, for that, they are commended and placed delicately within the rocky hardscape.

Forgive the rubber bands, by this stage i could not be crumpeted doing things aesthetically.



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Oh you!

Co2, Substrate, lighting - it's all German to me.... the fish are having a nice time with the new adventure playground. there are 15 ish ladies in there.

I have water. it is nice. I have a 2 foot light. it is bright. i have gravel. it is old. I have ferts, they are fish.

This is the survive or perish philosophy, all these plants (bar the lotus and the sword I bought last night) have lived in this tank for several weeks months.

they have passed the test.

everything else went black and mucky.

they did not pass the test.

One of the swords are planted in a little gravel pot, it seems to be a nice person with a bright outlook on things, the other one, and the lotus are rootbare.

is this bad? i tucked it into a rock.

i like rocks.

should I elect to put more effort into this tank (unlikely) what would the lotus and amazon want.

if they are needy, they die.


The driftwoods of a chunky persuasion came from various stores with anubias adhered to them.

i killed the anubias. (after it flowered quite a lot)

now it has java fern.

the java fern passes all my tests.

the scraggily driftwood i had to take out a small mortgage on my life for, why is it so expensive?

this one constantly has white slime, so I have placed it at the back and put a strong jet from my eheim cannister behind it.

life is a science experiment.

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Haha oh i should of known its true! The fish do look really happy!

the gravell will just hold your plants in place but to keep them growing you might need to give them some fertilising substrate! My lotus went crazy when i added http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/catalogue_products.php?prodID=5537&catID=65 arround them that might be enough for your plants I could give you 5 or so (I got them for free)!

This substrate is pretty good i have it in my tank http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/catalogue_products.php?prodID=4014 its very fine and a bit sparkly.. and will sift into your other gravel not a bad thing you could add a bit more depth and raise the back so it slopes a little more. But it is black I thought that might be a requirement (design feature) it's not a messy substrate either so you could use a cup to sprinkle it in place.

I cant belive the price of driftwood sometimes but everyone now and then you just have to have that nice twisty one XD

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How come you guys dont go out and get your own drift wood? I go down the beach after storms or big blows and also out the bush we have lots that is so old and dry. I love what you have done with the tank and those girls as just ammazing.More pics of your fish pleas Ness I always like the way you photo things



PS Where are you of to this time?

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Nah! whatever! take over (it's semi-relevant)

I'm not doing much else with this thread so i don't caaaaaare

We were talking a little while back about ...um... ash trees? (ah, now i forget) and Neff used gum (is that right?) for hers....

I guess I could, I just rely now on that nice wood that's had the anubias growing on it from the LFS, i generally can't kill anubias, and the wood's already leaked whatever it was going to and is quite well behaved

unlike this silver squiggly expensive bit. bloody thing, and it's white gunk.

Maybe a driftwood thread would be good, I don't think ppl would come across this thread when searching for info.

OH indecision.

i came back and the tank looks much more settled now, the girls are all out and about... more shots on their way Les, thanks for the praise on the photos (;


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Nah - hijack away! Driftwood Ive always wanted to buy or source elsewhere, but that nice stuff at the LFS is already ready to go!

I've got quite a few of Razzi's super blues, they look so beautiful in the sorority, they neverrrr drop their metallics, even when they're stressed out.. and there is the variety of blues too (Theres a littlel turq girl i'm conditioning for my armadillo AND BF boy)

Can't WAIT to get the spawn tanks firing after my return from tasmania mid october.



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More pics for Les!

I have a few other good detailed macro shots of the girls, but i want to use them for a new thread on choosing females.

For now - here are the creative shots from the new tank:

Cambodian/red & Super blue


Super Blue


Copper/melano (top right) my last salamander girl (love her!) and a Super blue


They love the camera, and the camera loves them.


Madam Salamander and her Turq mate


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Thanks Ness

They are ammazing I Love the super Blue and that salamanda girl looks like she has a bit of power going in that paduncle and a nice top line taboot

Cant wait to catch your new thread on selecting females its somthing that is quite often overlooked



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Gorgeous tank and girls, Ness. I find the females much easier to photograph than my males, who are usually off flaring and posing at the opposite end of the tank.

Nothing wrong with a bit of aquarium procrastination. It's probably more constructive than doing something like tidying the house :D

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Cheers Ash!

So... PEEEPS... Yo..

Plant Problem.....

Tiger lotus.. looks, depressed, seems to be milling around the back of the tank in a decidedly emo state, looks like it's melting away - like all my good plants...

Bettarazzi says LIGHT.. I say, yeah. it has one. one 2ft tube not enough? it's kinda pink.

Now, while I'm going to probably let them waste away like everything else - they are... kind of.... pretty..

what do they want to stay alive?

just, you know, incase I wanted to do something about it.


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Sounds like you need more light, Ness. As Matt said earlier in the thread, the lotus will probably melt, but will re-shoot. Did you end up potting it in some soil? It needs it.

My advice is more light and either give your plants more substrate, or pot up the lotus and swords. That should help short term.

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POTS! yes,.... pots...

and you're right, matt did warn me, so thats okay, isn't it? it's okay that it's melting, it's not me, it's ....what it wants to do.

substrate - AGHHH yes... I have more of it, I'll get out the bucket and the wooden spoon and wash it's face off.

Good reminders, yes yes.... will do these things tonight... between meetings, when i have this deadline.. looming... days... away.... .why... are... . . . . clients. ... . .so... ..so..... s..... ....... so......


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