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Any potential?


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I have this fish which I got from Razzi quite some time ago. Was wondering if there's any potential in him (perhaps in the future, not now) to produce decent offsprings:

Him when I first got him:


He is now: (IMO, colouration's still weird; but the intensity has changed.)



Do you think he'll end up colouring up more? Perhaps he's just slow?

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how old is he? i think marbles generally settle down after a year? somebody want to confirm that?

anything else colour-wise, you'd have to consult Razzi for the genetic background of the fish... though expect marbles :P

form-wise he looks pretty amazing, almost a perfect oval? probs wait 'till someone like Ness pops on

before you take my word for it though :D

I'd say go for it :dance:

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Hmm... He did tell me how old he was when I got him from him (okay, does that sentence makes sense? I'm confused..)

What I meant was.. Razzi told me how old that Betta was when I got that Betta from Razzi.

Unfortunately, I didn't keep record of it and now I forgot. <_<

But vaguely, he is now around 6-8 months, I think..

Razzi also told and showed me the parents of the fish; two beautiful Butterfly patterned Half moons. (I suppose that's why he got a vague and incomplete pattern of Butterfly on his fins)

Form wise would be the area where I'm weakest. So your input's is appreciated. :)

I have no idea (yet) on what to look at DT other than the volume :lol:

Rather than DTHM, I'd say he's a DQM? Double Quarter Moon *lol*

Thanks for the input, MTS!

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Awesome! "someone like ness" ....makes me sound smart n stuff! me rikey.....

He's an interesting little fish - you certainly chose an obscure little fish to begin with, that has bloomed into quite a nice one!

While this isn't in the critique section - I'll share my opinion ifyalike - i've never been shy.... I like him, in fact I was quite fond of many of that spawn of Razzi's.

But i think you're asking if he's a breeding fish... so, while there is no right or wrong here, I'd be considering the following:

Female Female Female

Your little man's potential is only as good as your choice in female... and I think it could go rather splendidly, or quite dreadfully - depending on your choice of female.

While we know they were a multicolour/marble spawn, you would want to work with a colour that is genetically complimentary... not moving in a whole new direction.

(Mayhap the colour geneticists can pipe in here for what would suit a multi/salamander) Given the choice of my sorority tank I'd put him to the red / salamander / pink ladies, steering away from the metallics or blues as you'll get patchy red washed whatevers.

Form-wize, think about the female reaaaaaaaaaly critically here.

He's got a classic short bodied monster dorsal/anal with decent balance and two seemingly matched lobes of the tail both 90+ degrees each.

He's also sporting a very frilly rose tail - so something with good solid branching and less of that overlapping frilly look (below)

(note, this is not a crit on the pictured fish - just an example of what I wouldn't put to this male, all just in my opinion)

f9346d590e754446244c7e6d473ef2ed.jpg or image013.jpg

Excessive ray branching at the ends will only contribute to a fin-laiden spawn, in all the wrong ways... not to mention the odds of getting X factor results.

Excuse the following image, but this is just a demonstration of tail types and ray branching - this was beryl, she was nowhere near perfect with form, but look at her caudal - she did died from the zombie disease a while back.


Straighter rays and less volume, technically she was HM, but without the excess tail.... the branching isn't even, but you kind of get the gist of the straight HM tail without the frill.

He's nice, and with the right female will improve her volume, but she's going to have to most of the work in the colour department keeping his multi and marble genes in-control.

I would also be looking at something with a very strong body-type, something long and elegant with a good curve from mouth to dorsal with the topline.

Nice little man.


The end

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Thanks for the input, Ness. It's unfortunate I got no non-metallic HM female. Female, I got metallic HM, or non-metallic CT. <_<

So it'll be some time if I'm planning to breed him.

I think his RT trait is there, but not major.. I didn't notice his frilly RT trait until you mentioned it. But I agree with you. I wouldn't pair him up with female with RT trait.

He got quite a bit of personality too. He often plays dead and wouldn't budge even if I tap the glass. Only if I disturb his compartment then he'd move.

So, from what I understand, would the ideal female be one of these: cambodian HM, red HM or marble HM?


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I agree, one of the salamander ladies might be good - but this is probably where I need an expert to pipe in....

They're extended red base with a marble background, 70% of the spawn were exended red with irids/butterfly = salamander

I would have thought they'd be a good match, however I only have ONE female left (and she's my breeder, if she will oblige!!)

Maybe someone with one of the salamander girls would lend/sell to you?

They're roughly the same age - give or take a few months.... both razzi and I had a spawn log for these spawns.

Otherwise, bide your time - this DT is only young - i'm such an advocate for getting the female right.

Good luck!


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Thanks Ness. I'd like to breed my CT first, though; seeing there's a total lack of CT (especially CT females) in Melbourne. The female isn't cooperating well at the moment though. Refused to go near the nest at any cost. After that, I'll worry about this one. Oh wait... *looks at another empty spawn tank now that all the fry have moved to the 2ft 75L growout tank..* Hmm...

Thanks drajit, maybe I could borrow her for a quickie when she's recovered :lol:

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Personally I'd leave comic sans out of the equation (totally depends what colours you want in the fry)

But I reckon saleable reds and multis would be a nice compliment to this one - have a look at Razzi's spawn parents too - they'd suit some heavily red-based genes.

Having said all that, I realize I'm on a total red BENDER a the moment - OBSESSED with getting some amazing solid reds in my next spawn







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Yeah. Cellophane isn't my thing as well. Umm.. Weird colour + cellophane.. Not sure, in my preference it goes like: Weird + Dislike. Thanks for the offer, though.

Funny that you're going for reds, and I'm trying to stay away from reds, Ness. Lol. (not to the point of complete avoidance, however)

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