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Looking for Plants for sale online

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My sorority tank arrived today and I want to deck it out with plants to make lots of hidey holes for my ladies.

Now seeing as I live in the middle of nowhere I need to order my plants in..Two big problems...

1st..I dont know where to start looking

2nd..I have no real idea on what I am looking for...

I know what Val is....ummm yeah...that is my plant knowledge. :confused:

Please help me


PS I am a visual person so photos would help as I currently describe plants like..the fluffy thing that floats

PPS I use LED lights so they need to be ok with that too...

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Have a look at livefish.com.au I recently planted my sorority in anticipation of a batch of ladies arriving from thailand. The plants are lovely and healthy and they are very reasonably priced. They also have photos of the plants for the aquascape-impaired :)

Ebay australia may be worth a look also. Pics when you're done right? :D

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