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My Bettas


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Hello All! Just wanted to share to you some photos of my Bettas... :)

Orange HM


Blue Mustard HM

from someone


Dragon D

The oldest!


Red CT


Yellow CT


Red and Blue VT

allowed photo exceeded..

Thanks for viewing.. :)

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Great - we just had a meet, so the next one isn't for a little while... but all the details can be found here: www.victoriabetta.com

And we update the threads on AusAqua (events etc) have a look through to see pics of past meets.

Not to be mistaken with the ASV/EDAS meets which are a but more formal, often have guest lecturers and lotsa oldskool pros.

We's new school.


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Ditto with all the drool comments...great pics!!

The dragon... don't mean to be a party pooper, but, firstly is he red? I can't see any red. And second, he's not a double tail. He's a HM or superdelta with the middle third or more of his caudal missing. I still like him too, just that he's not a red DT.

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