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How to clean three Level Barrack


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I got a 3 level barracks, will try to describe it for you

basically its a cube like tank, split into 9 smaller compartments. 3 across and 3 up but the upward part move inward (still with me?). imagin a cubic cube, this is how my tank look like from sideway

-1- -2- -3-

-4- -5- -6-

-7- -8- -9-

1 & 2 is empty, 3 is top level compartments

4 & 6 is empty, 5 is mid level compartments

8 & 9 is small join compartment for pump, water and filter etc....

7 is bottom level compartments

The compartments are all the same size, so basically the last level is 3 compartments with the remainer free to hold water, filtering, puimp and heater etc...

The pump pump water all the way from that last level to the top and water dripped down to the last level, however, this dripping is high up hence any poops or dirty stuff doesn't flow down. and if I turn the pump too hard, water flow out of the tank all together due to the small drill hole

I've been cleaning it manually, anyone have a clue how to clean these suckers faster and more efficient than using a small net and flicking it up?

Note: on the bottom level join area, I got a sponge filter but i don't think anything would drip down there because

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I'm with you. Similar setup to my barracks. If you have enough room above the highest tank you could use a length of airline attached to a stick or or something and siphon the poop out when you're doing water changes. There shouldn't be any need to remove poop daily. To be honest in my barracks I just leave the poop. It eventually breaks down.

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Nice idea, 'Razzi.. I've been meaning to pick one up for spot cleaning in the axie tank.

Somebody gave me a tip they are cheapest at the Reject Shop (she said $3.50).

If not, private kitchen stores - stores like Kmart don't stock them.

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