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Hello to all.


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Hi everyone,

A quick hello and a little bit about myself,

I've kept fish for the last 20+ years, but have really focused on Aussie natives for the last 10+ years. Natives I have kept include Barramundi, Bass, Bullrout, Eels, Catfish, Mouth Almighty, Blue eyes, Bream, Scat, various Eeltailed Catfish species, various Hardyhead species, various Perchlet species and various Gudgeon and Rainbow species. Most of these fish I caught myself here in Qld.

Lately my focus has been Rainbows and I am hoping to breed them for the first time this summer. I intend to start out with breeding Rainbows local to my area (Melanotaenia duboulayi) and if succsesful will look to breed some rarer variety's.

Anyway's, have fun,


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G'day Leon,

Welcome to AusAqua.... I predict you're going to get some requests for pics of your rainbows and other fish!

Saw some great charcoal rainbows at the LFS the other day - great colours and seriously thinking about getting some but so many to choose from ...

Whereabouts do you go for your freshwater fish? A few species down the Elliott River and quite a few places up north of where you are too I believe...

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Hi Wayne,

There are a few places on the Elliott River, the Burnett River out near Pine Creek (including Pine Creek), Baffle Creek is good at the Essendeen bridge as the tide still gets here so you get a mix of fresh and saltwater eastury fish. The saltwater fish caught here can be converted to freshwater very easy. I have had 2 Bream, a scat and a mullet (that were caught in saltwater) in a freshwater tank for months and they are doing fine. As long as you convert them slowly they will be ok. I occasionly get up to Deepwater Creek, it has the most southern population of Eastern Rainbowfish.

Most of the creeks and rivers around the Wide Bay have Crimson Spotted Rainbows (Melanotaenia duboulayi)but each River can contain a different colour morph that the population has evolved to suite its envioronment. Sometimes the colour difference is minimal but other times you would think that the fish were to totally different variety's of Rainbowfish.

There are other areas of the rivers mentioned and some smaller creeks throughout the area that I collect fish from, they are ussually more productive as they are a lttle off the beaten track but the fish species are generaly the same.



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