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Betta's, water and filters


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Hey there, :)

So when I first had betta's, I did my research and found that Sponge filters were the go. After literally months of trying to get them to 'Cycle', I finally gave up on them.

I do have a couple of small sponge filters I can use when I've got a Fighter or two again... but are they worth the efforts? Should I just not give my fish a filter and simply change their water more often?

I suppose I could take some media from my Cycled Guppy tank to wrap around the sponge's for a while...

Guess I just wanted to hear your experiences/ how you keep your Betta's as far as water and filters go. Like, what conditioners do you add etc.

Note: I just use Rainwater in my Guppy Tank and they do great once I've put a bit of hardener in there.

Thanks heaps, even for reading!

- Lilly.

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Hey Lilly, sponge filters do a great job. To kick start one, when you clean your existing filter our in a bucket of water, use that water to rinse your new filter in. This will add bacteria straight away. Not an instant cycle but a great start. You could also us a pinch of "Pond Start" or similar product.

Use dechlorinator and age your water with IAL before use. IAL in tank also. Obviously a heater is required as well. A live plant or two helps as well.

Good luck. :-).

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Thanks so much! I'll do exactly what you suggested. Can it help to put some Water from my running tank into the new one too, or is that not really needed?

Yes I got loaded up on great little heaters and such when I first started, so that's no problem. :P Though I'll need to get some plants, quite a fan of Java moss, not really sure why, haha.

Thanks Heaps! :)

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Hey Lilly,

(Here's a belated welcome to the forum) Sounds like you've been a little burnt with the betta - good on you for doing your homework and coming back to them!

You're in good hands here obviously, I've had success with sponge filters, but find they do a basic mechanical filtration, sort of depends on your tank, and how often you're prepared to do water changes.

From memory you have around a 10 litre tank?

I had a series of these with sponge filters and found this kept the water pretty stable, but they wanted 50% water changes weekly, and a full water change every month or so.

There's a thread somewhere about how everyone cycles their own tanks and the like - might be worth a look.

I add Carbonate Hardness Stabiliser Powder / Almond Leaf extract (or leaf) / Pinch of salt and some shell grit for minerals / Stress coat which is also dechlorinator and if I'm starting a new big tank with an external filter - some CYCLE with bacteria in it.

Since this practise, haven't had much issue with water chemistry.

Oh - and obviously a heater (24-26 degrees C) and plants! I'm big on live plants, what i can keep alive that is - and Java fern + Anubias are pretty easy to keep green!

Best of luck - hey, get a photobucket account so we can see your new purchases.


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Ah okay. Thanks for that Yan.

Thanks for the welcome Melbournebetta! :)I've got a few tanks around that are various sizes (smaller ones), and actually I'm not sure how many litres they are! Does anybody know the way to work that out with measurements off the top of their heads? I think you got the 10 litres from my Intro post, where i was actually talking about my 10 gallon fenale tank (which is now my guppy tank), hehehe.

Wonderful, thanks for that. I do about 40% water changes on my Guppy tank weekly, so fitting my Beta's in when I do them will work perfectly. I'll also have to look for that thread.

Shell grit, never heard of that one before. I might follow your lead! :D

Haha, I have trouble with plants too *sigh*. Now I've just put a more interesting piece of driftwood in my tank to make up for the brownish plants. :lol:

Thanks so, so much for all your info, it was super helpful! A Photobucket account would be a good idea too...

- Lilly

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So this is what I ended up with. :/ Should have given Mum a more overall description of what type of plant I wanted before she came home with a whole bunch of the one stalk that's in there. I've no idea what it is, haha. I also noticed you guys tend to use Java Moss, I should probably try find some of that.

A handful of Guppy Fry are in there, just to confirm that the water will be fine, and give the filter something (although tiny) to sustain it's self on. Okaaay, so the tank looks ugly; who cares! :P Heheh, I'm clearly no aqua-scaper. Is a set up like this alright to base my next ones on?


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