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Beginner Betta Enthusiast! :)


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Hey all,

My name's Lilly, and I'm only 17. I live in NSW and have always had a massive interest in Betta's. A while back I went crazy and baught about 6 Beautiful fish, some from someone and others from the Pet Store. Though I soon learnt that I had jumped into things way too quickly, and when I had a fungal outbreak in my Female Beta Tank, my boy's were all soon following. Broke my heart really, althaugh it's my own stupid fault- and I'll never forgive myself for being so silly.

When I lost them all, I decided to be far more resposible and set up a 10 Gallon tank. It took a lot of time and learning to get that tank to cycle, but now I've got about 10 super happy Guppies and I havn't had any problems in my 8 months of owning them.

Now, I've decided to get a pair of Beta's again, and using the cycled water from my Guppy tank (And Indian Almond leaves), take a lot of care in housing these fish appropriately and doing my best to keep them happy and healthy. I'm yet to buy these fish, which is a part of the reason I'm here. :)

Hopefuly I learn a lot more here, and am able to source a lovely pair of Halfmoon's or Crowntail's to start myself off.

Thankyou! :)

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