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Can't believe it.......


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My red rocket boy now has velvet. As I can't get to shop for medicine, I asked my sister-inlaw to go for me. Told her exactly what to say and who to talk to.

She returned with Bettafix after being told betta don't get velvet.........

Well, I called the shop, asked to speak to the manager and from that point on I was floored. He was the person she spoke to (he admitted it) and basically he thought she didn't know what she was on about and thought the Bettafix would be good for a bacterial infection as he didn't believe it had velvet. After speaking to him, he apologized and agreed it was velvet and admitted the Bettafix was a waste of money (of course he will refund) and has offered free medication as replacement.

Grateful he admitted fault but can't believe this happened. He ASSUMED the customer knows nothing. This is the same shop that chased my mates wife out when she tried to purchase heater for there fish. I did mention this as well. Very scary.

I said my piece and will not get medicine of him now.

Thankyou Shadoh for meeting my bus at the bus stop, in the rain, to give me some meds. Can't thank you enough mate.

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It's good he did admit he was wrong, but this is shocking...

Not sure whether HE didn't know Bettas got velvet, or if he was selling your sister in law something that he knew wouldn't work. Pretty sad.

Either way, assuming customers don't know anything is NOT a good thing at all. Scary thing about the heater too... who knows how many fish are cold due to that.

Good luck with your Rocket Boy - hope he heals quickly.

Posted same time as Shadoh...

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"assuming customers don't know anything is NOT a good thing at all"

Sorry got to put my 2c in here just like everyone else has.

I can tell you assuming customers don't have a clue has saved many fishes lives. "Do you have a heater?" "Do you have dechlorinator/Did you add dechlorinator?" "What size tank have you got?" "Have you ever kept x fish before?".

I had a customer come in the other day who has been keeping fish for 5 years. Every time she does a water change, a lot of them die. She didn't have a clue what dechlorinator/water conditioner was and had never used it. She didn't age the water, either. Straight out of the tap into the tank.

Then I had a guy ask if you can put a fighting fish in with cichlids because he didn't want to keep the other tank running. I said absolutely not. He came back a week later and told me the cichlids killed his fighting fish in about 5 minutes. Gee, ya think?? :headshake:

Then a case where assuming a customer has a clue turned bad.. Someone sold a pair of clownfish to a couple who put them in with their goldfish. You can guess how that worked out.

That said, yes the manager was in the wrong there. If someone comes into my work and asks me for a certain medication I'll ask them what the issue is to make sure they're getting the proper medication but clearly this guy didn't have a clue. Bettas don't get velvet and I'm the tooth fairy.

Hope your boy gets over it quickly. Heat, salt and darkness along with meds should clear it up quick smart.

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It's horrifying how they do that to you, Busman :(. Pretty sad if LFS are assuming anything without gathering information first. I think some of the LFSes that I know assumed because they -attempted- to either upsell or to help total beginner to start off with the hobby, thus providing higher level of customer service (Have experienced and seen both happening.) But there are also some LFSes that I know and they do not assume and ask for details first before giving out any advices.

A LFS I went to also assumed that I didn't know what I needed and they either tried to prevent me from buying things I wanted or tried to upsell me some of the things I don't need.

Once, I went to that LFS, trying to buy 25W heater for my 30x18x18 tank (that's around 9.5L, used for my one and only surviving fry from my first spawn), and the person at LFS was telling me that the 25W heater is too much for that tank, because the water would evaporate very fast (And that's the smallest heater available to my knowledge). I told him I got a lid to keep the heat in, and he argued that the water would still evaporate from the space where the cables go into the tank. (Then why bother with heater for any tank at all? They all will eventually evaporate)

I was in a hurry and my planned 1 minute trip to LFS to quickly grab a heater became 5-10 mins because he recommended me to get a bigger tank and bigger heater instead. The same LFS also tried to sell me a medication that was expired on 2008. When I mentioned the expiry date, he just said "but people still use them". I left straight away.

Hmm.. Intentionally I wanted to post a short reply and it turned to be a rant. Sorry <_<

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Unfortunately, I think this is the industry standard, and we shouldnt really be surprised by it anymore.

The average LFS employee probably has to deal with any number of idiotic fishkeepers in their day, and I've seen some right stinkers just browsing. Likewise an informed and well rounded employee is rare.. no matter whose hands it is in, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

But then.. I've always found aussie customer service very odd indeed. If I want to buy something, ever, I don't take advice from the biased person selling it to me LOL.

Yan - The part that amazes me about that story? That the lady actually PERSEVERED and kept going with fish that long. Most either quit or actually do some research I'd have thought!

Hope your boy makes it through Busman Paul. I'd at least take the free meds from the guy who admitted wrong :devil:

Feel better fishie! :bighug:

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Wishing your velveteen betta all the best Bussy - it's generally not too agressive, so you'll be right I'm sure.

Tough gig, and we're always sooking about the LFS's... but once you get bullied I think it's best to just leave, like anywhere - suss out what THEY know first!

Insist on your purchase if you KNOW what you need, but also wise to be receptive if you don't actually know.

Lucky few are those who can trust their retailers, know who to ask and don't have to have your guard up when buying.

If anyone's in Melbourne and need a trustworthy LFS, I can't speak highly enough about Subscape on Victoria street.

Massive range and Justin is a real honest guy, he's the owner, the manager, the fishkeeper AND the guy behind the counter.

I've been shopping with him for over 10 years.

(: there's a good reason for it.


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Thanks guys. I understand about bad service, happens everywhere. What upset me is I KNOW this shop. I get treated very well, never pay shelf price and usually get good advice. I recommend this store normally.

When I spoke to the manager, he recognized me over the phone and was very apologetic. He admitted that he presumed she didn't know. Once I was talking to him, very different story.

It's amazing how two people can have such a different experience in the same shop. Just worries me that they may be taking advantage of people who know no better, and this is something I totally disagree with. As my friend with the heater will confirm.

@Sarah.......the free meds was store stock that he was going to bottle up for me. Who knows what it could be. Don't worry, I will get some freebies at some stage for this.


Anyway, rant over.

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