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The Evolution


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Hey guys, sorry for the slow reply I haven't been home. :D

I dose the Seachem range and use dino dung.

Matt, I am not 100% sure.. I think tye dye isn't exactly black. It's just what the tank said and I went 'oohprettymusthave' LOL It's Lilaeopsis in the foreground. We only had 4 pots at work but I am hoping to get it all the way across the front of the tank eventually.

Thank you Les :)

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Hi Yan I have a quick story for you

My daughters boyfriend has wanted a tank for a while now but couldnt make up his mind what he wanted marine, fresh chilids ETC he was confused with the choice so on sunday I showed him your thread and click all he could say was thats it thats it thats what I want so now the plan is we will get him a tank from the wife and I for christmass but will give it to him before hand so he can have it set up by then

Thank you the thread has been a big help



PS I think it was the music that sold him LOL

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Thanks MTS. :)

So I've been quite busy and haven't kept on top of things like I should have. Ammonia alert has been reading a perfect 0 for a few days now.


Tiny discus that had been moved to be treated for an unrelated illness. My father killed it by turning off the HOB. :censor:

All 3 blue angels. :( Devo.

My gorgeous black angel. ??? At a loss with this one...

1 Tiny bristlenose.

3? Imbellis

Added an air stone and did 1 half water change, had no more losses since then.

My father also asked for my nasty Angelfish to be put in his tank instead of going back to work, so that was done. Now my pair are back into breeding mode and looking for somewhere to lay.

I put a twin T5 over the tank along with the twin T8 and the LED floodlight.

Bought even more plants, and keep losing my Temple for some odd reason so I'm going to toss all that out and fill that corner back in with Ludwigia repens (not 100% sure on this).

Now I'm off to test nitrite/nitrate, clean the glass and take some pics.

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Dwarf chain loaches have got a bad case of the zoomies.


My very cool bristlenose. Never know what colour he will be. :blink:


I accidentally jabbed this guy with the plant tweezers last night. I feel horrible about it! :(


'Where's da noms, food lady??'

I think I'll have to take another video as I can't get a decent FTS and no one else will cooperatively pose for the camera. It's all WIGGLE WIGGLE WIGGLE zoom away...

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4 New additions yesterday. :)

2 Honey dwarf gouramis and umm a honey flame?? dwarf gourami. It's a hybrid of the flame and honey. Astounding colour! Also a small royal whiptail. :)

No ammonia spike from it so I'm calling it good and will think about getting some more discus when I can afford it.


Red spotted turqoise


anddd forgot the name of the other, haha! Oops!

Will also eventually be getting;

another female pearl gourami

peppermint bristlenose.. specifically after the ones with the white bands (butterfly pattern?)

Rasbora and Tetra to add to my current schools.

I'm having a hard time trying to decide what to do with my angels. I love them and all but they're just UGH. Picking at each other constantly nowadays. I WILL be keeping my breeding pair because that's just the way I am, they were my first angels! <3 But I much prefer my smoky leopard and the stripey one pictured above, so much prettier. What can you do though?? I think I will be taking the koi and the platinum one back to work. Curly will stay because he'd just be culled, poor bugger. (anyone want to adopt Curly? Free to good home..) Maybe I'll just take the rest back and get another lot of babies.. recycling my angels, hahaha!

I miss my black angel. :(

Oh thoughts and dramaz and indecision... :blink:

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And the evolution continues...

Today I've got 3 Discus arriving at work along with 5 Apisto Viejita red neck gold (or something along those lines.. I was going to go with something else and got talked into the more expensive fish at the last minute LOL).

The sad news, I'm taking all of my Angels back to work and swapping them for an almost full sized pair of Altum Angels which were a customer trade in. I'm hoping this will cut down on aggression in a major way.

A few things have changed.. My breeding pair that I've been idolizing since day one have had a split, broken up and the male has run off with that platinum bimbo from the other side of the tank leaving the koi female in despair, she's been taken down a few notches on the hierarchy and has become quite aggressive towards everyone else.

She and Curly will be joining my fathers tank due to an injury on the female and the fact Curly is um.. Curly. (For anyone not on my facebook, my dads tank got a major clean out by me and I added new fish the other day and no losses so far so I think it's safe to add these two).

I'm seriously debating keeping the smoky black and the zebra as I just LOVE the colours on them, plus the zebra still looks like a primitive coloured fish. There's no reason I can't say 'this isn't working' and take them back to work another day... The thought of not seeing them every day does make me rather sad but the aggression is getting annoying, especially when they take it out on the other fish like the gouramis and discus. That's just not acceptable, keep it in your own social circle!

Anyway.. The new discus will be going into quarantine in a 2ft tank (hopefully they'll fit, we'll see if they're any bigger than the 5cm, 5cm and 7cm they're meant to be) for a while but the Altums will be going straight into the tank.

:confused: Indecision is a terrible thing. Am I doing the right thing? :mellow:

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LOL @ "that platinum bimbo"!!!!!!!!!!!! home wrecker!!!!!

The altum angels are lovely fish but need a lot of vertical space as they grow.... not easy to find altums around either.....

You could always get more tanks Yan :P Lots more tanks!!!! Well that's been my answer so far but reached my limits now....

I'd love to see pics of the Apisto Viejita red neck gold if you can trap them in front of a camera :)

If the smoky black and zebra angels are behaving so far - why not keep them a little longer and enjoy them ..... they may end up settling down for you....

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These Altums are almost fully grown already, my tank's 2ft tall so they should be right in here. :)

That Platinum Bimbo is one fiesty little chick! She definitely needs to go.. Not a big fan of her head shape anyways.

I have plenty more tanks already sitting around but no real space to show them off and no fish room/shed/garage I can put them in (your set up is amazing btw, can't remember if I commented on your thread or not).

I'll try and get some pics of the Viegitas in the bag/s once I get them home, hopefully they look as good as the google pics... Or better, better would be good too.

See the Smoky black and Zebra are probably the most aggressive fish. Especially the Smoky black and they're both male I believe. I can't bare to part with them (just yet) so I'll take the 3 others back to work and see how the Altums and the current residents get along. Maybe the change to a huge pair of Angels will get them back in line and behaving. I hope. :sad:

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So not happy with the Apistos. One is so skinny it looks like it'll drop dead within the week. Most of them are skinny to some degree. :headshake: Into quarantine with the discus they go...

The discus look ok from what I can see. The Red Spot Eruption looks like he's fantastic quality, the other two are so-so, we'll see how they colour up.

Oh how I wish I could name and shame. :rant:


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The one pictured is definitely beyond saving. It can't swim. It's sliding across the bottom of the tank on its side... That sure didn't happen in shipping. I took a video and I would love to copy it onto a flash drive, hurl it at the wholesaler and ask if they think that is in any way acceptable... One; how did the fish get into this condition... Two; why the @#$! would you think it's acceptable to put that fish in a bag and send it to a shop... Three; AND STILL CHARGE MONEY FOR IT?!??!?!?!


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That's the part I don't understand. What business can afford to accept fish in this condition??? You got them through your work?? What do they say? Would they accept that fish to be displayed for sale??

I can't believe that fish is supplied and just goes to show that sometimes the poor retailer can't be held to blame. Bad business sense, all round, to me. :-(

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There's nothing that can be done once it turns up at our door step unfortunately. We can't just say 'Hey, send one of your guys to come pick up this fish, it's half dead.' It has to go somewhere and then someone gets to ream out the wholesaler for it later.

I had all of these fish specifically ordered in for me so I had to take them regardless of the condition they arrived in, still in their wholesaler bags. <_<

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Under the Australian Statutory Warranty (covered by the Australian Consumer Law 2010) you do not have to accept goods that are not as described, not fit for the purpose they were sold for or not of merchantable quality. If you did accept them you are entitled to a refund under the law. It's the seller's problem then to rectify things with the wholesaler / manufacturer (depending on what product you purchased). There are no acceptable conditions such as "no refund on sale items" or "no refund after 7 days"... these conditions are illegal under the law....

You'd be within your rights to request a refund for the fish that is not of merchantable quality and the retailer then needs to take it up with the wholesaler (my LFS always does this - I had a fish arrive I had ordered and it was in poor condition and it was not a pure bred version of the fish - the LFS kept it and called the wholesaler and got the correct fish sent for me without any other charges).

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Perhaps we need to step it up with the wholersalers* then because as far as I'm aware, we don't get any sort of credit or refund when fish arrive looking more dead than alive and this is not the first time it has happened. In cases of mistaken identity (they sent us a 'pair' of apistos that consisted of two different species... Hm.. nice work on that one, guys) they do send out replacement fish and DOAs do get credited but yeah.. Not sure what the protocol is with fish in my Apistos condition.

*It's not any one wholesaler guilty of sending fish in poor condition though some are far better about it than others

In other news... The Angels aren't as big as they looked, hahaha. I kept the smoky black and the zebra for now. Things are a lot more peaceful right now and my Whiptail is happily munching on stuff on the glass instead of being harassed by the platinum (I swear she had a vendetta against the whiptail.. strange fish!).

I'm not happy with the colour/pattern on the pigeon blood discus but what can you do... Maybe he/she'll grow on me. The Eruption looks quite nice and the other one has been hiding in the plants all day so I haven't really had a chance to get a look.

I ordered;

Pigeon Blood Pattern (5cm)

Red Spot Eruption (7cm)

Reflection D (5cm)

This wholesalers '5cm' is a lot larger than another wholesalers '5cm' which amuses me a fair bit.. :P

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So this morning that starved Apisto was dead. 3 Others are looking a lot better now that they've settled in, they're swimming around and went nuts over the blackworm I chucked in. The other very skinny one is just sitting in the plants looking terrible. The Red Spot Eruption (Lets call him Ernie?) and the Pidgon blood (Pidgy?) ate some blackworm but the Reflection D (Big D) is just hiding in the driftwood pretending I can't see him. Pretty pleased with how he looks but he's still not fully coloured up, he's very drab and coming back from being black.

I'm not sure how long I'll keep them in quarantine for... At least a week. I want to put them through a course of Sterazin, plus they will be getting medicated food (dimetro and praziquantel). I might even hit them with Big L's wormer. I can do that over the course of a week but it might be better to do it over two. We'll see how they go.

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I spent about 20 minutes and got some REALLY GOOD shots... Then I realized I hadn't put the SD card back in the camera and the cable went missing long ago... Well that was smart. Can't get them off the camera now.

Here's some quick snaps instead.



Caption contest anyone?? lol...


This is Pidgy. The other 2 didn't want to come out from behind the driftwood and plants.

This is what happens whenever I go stand in front of the community tank...


Food tiemz?

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