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Wrinkly fingers?

Quite, lmao.

when will you give the goramies another try at breeding?

I didn't intend to breed them, it's just a matter of if or when they do. :) If they lay again I may slip a breeder net under the male and his nest like I've done with bettas in community tanks in the past and see how it goes.

And the photos are where exactly??? Lol

Coming, LOL. I was hoping it would clear up a bit more.

The plants are in a shocker of a state and the black beard algae had started to grow on the driftwood in the tank outside. ERUGH!!!!

Tomorrow I've got work so there will be a plant buying spree on my lunch break. I'll talk about what I plan on doing with the plants when I update with pictures so you can sort of visualize it.

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Forgive the quality.. I managed to lose the settings on the camera and spent an hour trying to get things right again. I failed. :(




Only got 1 LED cranking at the moment. You can tell which end it is over, lol.


This little guy, 'Bandit' is going back to work tomorrow. He's been a jerkwad since he hit angelfish puberty and I'm over it. You do not challenge my dominant male and get away with it!


I love this guy, I swear he's a friendly little lap dog reincarnated as a fish!

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<_< Ok youtube apparently still hasn't done the audio swap... You'll just have to listen to the hum of the filter, or mute it. :P


Tank is completely clear this morning. I dosed stability and prime (as a safe guard). Will test levels tonight.

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Fan Blinking tastic Yan

That is just so nice I love the back ground, is the bought or homemade? it was a good idea to stay with amazon it just makes it all jell Oh and the music works nice choice



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The background is bought. I'm far too unskilled and lazy to DIY many things, haha, :)

I haven't stuck completely true to the amazon but close enough as far as i'm concerned, lol!

Tank is planted out with about half of what i actually wanted so I'll try some more pics again later.

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Thanks all for the kind words. :)

I didn't even get half the plants I wanted but it is looking a lot better today. Photos were an epic failure last night so I took another video which is in the process of being audioswapped as I was yapping on while recording, lol. I'll see if I can salvage some of the photos from last night.. but here are 2 more photos from day 1



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I think he's a pigeon snakeskin. I have no idea what the correct name for his colour is.. He isn't one of 'our' fish from work, he was a customer trade in (we NEVER take discus off people but they were so nice we decided to) and put in quarantine out the back for I think it was about 2 months before I finally decided to ask the boss for a price.

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That Green lotus is rockstar! & you nailed the hardscape - tres bien!

The musak is epic, I wasn't sure if I should maybe not be crying when it finished.......

I was dubious about the background, but it looks brilliant!

they all look so HAPPY!

(heart sideways angel 2:33 - can we call him curly?)

p.s. discus in the signature !

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Love the green lotus, I'm a bit worried about losing it as it stinks like rotten fart and it's dropping some of it's leaves. Hopefully it makes a come back. I'll get some tye dye lotus and red lotus in there eventually.

Glad you approve :)

Sideways Angel (he's the one i posted about a while back with SBD) I've just been calling circle fish. Curly is a much better name!

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