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The Evolution


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Quite some time ago I bought my first 'big' tank. A second hand 90lt Aqua One Euroview 90. It was to be my planted tank, but still on a learning curve and due to my endless laziness I made plenty of mistakes and killed a lot of plants. Then I switched over to low light low maintenance plants and never looked back.

April 6th


August 2nd


Now a days the fish are running out of swimming space as I keep packing more and more fish and plants into the tight quarters. The time has come again to upgrade. Due to be delivered in about 3 weeks I have a 48 x 18 x 24 approx 330lt tank. Until then I had to remove my beloved fern as it was hitting the front, the back and the side of the tank. It's now squished up in a 2ft tank taking up 2/3 of it.

Today, August 20.


I think it's pretty safe to say the fish are going to love their new digs. I'll update this thread when I get my new tank.. Until then, here's some pics of the residents...

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This little black girl is going to be a stunner when she's bigger.


Breeding pair of pearl gouramis, girl in front male in back.


Their first breeding attempt.. Eggs didn't last the night. New tank will have moonlights installed under the hood! :)


Nasty little Platinum who was bossing around two other small Kois so I added them all into the community tank today as well. My big girl set him straight and this hiding away was the result. Was nice to see him get his own back!! LOL Awkward pic though, makes him look misshapen. He's a normal little boy, honest. lol

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Angels have become my Betta replacements, lol. Gorgeous, colourful and intelligent. They're also community suitable and able to be kept in social groups.. LOL I'd kill for a copper dragon Angel.

This boy is as close as I can get to a copper it seems. :(


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He is one of my favourites. :) He has gotten a bit feral at the moment with the new additions and tank rearranging. I hope he settles back down.

He's what the breeder called a smokey leopard, but he does seem to have quite a bit of iridescence to him. I need to study up more on Angel genetics and proper terminology. <_<

I think you're thinking of a strain that already exists? It's called Pinoy Smokey, which I don't think I've seen in Australia. They are much more 'copper' and very, very lovely.

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:drool: WOW!!! Forget the tank of Black Veiltail Angels, I want a tank full of those!!! :)

I have an OLD book on Angels from the 50's where the only thing you could get was the basic silver with the black stripe. There is a page in the back where the author talks about a new variety that is being developed..... solid black... It was early days, as the trait hadn't been fixed, but you could really sense the excitement of this discovery. They have certainly come a long way :D

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Hop on google and have a better look at them, you'll see what a mean about being coppery. :D They're pretty awesome. Google searching in Australia turns up basically nothing though. They can't really not exist here.. Surely.. That would be cruel.

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Thanks. :)

LOL @ MT. I had a couple of unexpected expenses and I am looking at a trip to melbourne soon so it'll be a while before I can pimp out this tank, so for now I'm just making plans.

Here's my to-buy list:

I think I am going to go with 2x 30w LED floodlights (centered) and a twin T5 (Across the back) along with a little cheapy LED strip in blue for moonlighting.

Hydor in-line heater

A few bags of Red Sea Flora Base (already have the river gravel mix to blend it all in)

And my plants. I am going to try and stick with an amazon theme but I love my asian plants as well so I'll try to stick with what LOOKS like it could belong in the amazon.

Willow Hygro


Assorted Crypts (Love Wendtii and Willisii)

Assorted sword plants

Assorted Anubias

Hygro Corymbosa

and Lilaeopsis + Staurogyne in the foreground.

I may also have misc. ferns (java, narrow leaf) growing on the driftwood but I've lost the majority of them to java fern disease. :/ We'll see what survives.

I'd like to get some vallisneria across the back too but I've never been able to grow it very well, but I've always had quite low lighting. I think I'll give it another go but it probably won't like my water conditions.

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After much struggling, it was brought inside.


Approx 40kg of river gravel and red sea flora base was placed in it and the driftwood arranged. The driftwood was later moved away from the corner to allow for planting.


Then the process of filling began. As I wanted to do it as gently as possible I placed the powerhead off a cheapy internal filter into a 20lt bucket and was pumping that water into the tank so I wasn't having to lift heavy buckets up over my head to be able to pour it into the tank. I filled it with about 40lt of RO water and the rest (stopped counting after my arms felt like dropping off) some amount of tap water. When planting is done and I am ready to move my fish, it will be filled with water drained from their current tank.


I dosed seachem prime, seachem stability and seachem clarity. I would normally be dosing Nutrafin Cycle too but it appears I don't have any and I don't want to go to work on my day off, lol.

Then I stuck a well developed filter that has been with this tank from day 1 on it and also a 1000 l/ph internal down the other end to move the water around. Then I had issues with the canister being up so high it began to suck in air and wasn't pumping through. I dropped it down lower than the tank and the hoses were too short.. I managed to extend them and it decided to still suck in air. So I turned the damn thing off and hooked up the little internal filter to the in pipe and it alone was pushing water through the canister.

This morning, the tank is almost crystal clear. I intend to heat up the water then start moving some of the plants from the current tank.


Sorry, picture quality will improve when I have something decent to take pictures of. Just using the ipod for now. :)

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