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Slight problem need help ASAP


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ok so i bought these two girls today they came in an assorted female bag from the stores supplier. i photograph before i acclimatize

this is meant to be Cri-kee a before and after showing "her" the other fish:

*NB: Crikee was in a holding tank away from the girls since thursday*


then sat the other "female" beside her and in under ten seconds this happened:




i need thoughts ASAP these were meant to be female to join the female sorority :/

i see slight egg spot on the first and even harder to see squinting prob imagining a REALLY little one on the second.

second fish coming as soon as i can post more pictures :/

The other "girl" is more placid but has been with the females since thursday:





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So we know girls can flare, and sure - they might have looked docile together cos they were a bit stressed - but I'm tipping the first one is male.

The size of the gillplates are quite big - and the ventrals are also twice the size of the anal... you have some very handsome PK's

(the very first shot - note the X factor scales under the belly) ...worth noting if you do breed.... but I wouldn't be putting him in the sorority.

The second fish, it's hard to tell..... try him/her in the sorority - you'll soon learn if he's a bully, a submissive male, or one of the LADIEZ


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sorry Neffty these two plus one other are all in QT. i seem to be lacking a heater so two (one is a DEFIANT girl, and the "gilr" of these two are containered the mans being a macho swimming between them flaring and dancing. i suppose the only thing to be 100% certian to do is take them back to the lfs tomorrow for sexing on the "girl"

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