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Super excite = New kids on the block


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10 pairs, I didn't shoot them all, but there isn't one I'm unhappy with!

Personally selected, giddy about who's first up in the spawn tank... maybe time to set up TWO SPAWN TANKS!

Proper shots coming soon, but it's a quiet night on the forum... time for some bad arty shots (cos they're all in containers in a bay-maree)

Extended Red by Preecha


Marble copper dragon


The Salamander Dragon (ooo ERR)


Copper marble giant PK (my first)


The little Juvi blue yellow MG BF


Ahhhhhhhh I LUV THEM


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Hahahah angles were an accident! They're in a very awkward tank system at the moment!!

Matching Ladies for them all... but a cambo HM gal for the Extended Red - I think I'll put him to Ruby (DT Background) more on that laterrrrrr....



This guy is INSANE, I think he's OHM.. can't wait to un-card them and have a proper flaring session when they've settled.



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Thanks - I should get around to a good n proper photoshewt soon, got a bit on - and still in the midst of designing their K.N.O.T.B.arracks.

I'm wrapped - and Preecha sent me a tailbiting (i don't care) INSANE red boy - he's just.... a gobsmacker..... needless to say they're all on live foods, and it's a jostle to see who'll end up in the spawn tank first.

It's cycling as we speak .... yee haw.


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You know me, at the first oppertunity I'll have them in photo tanks!

In fact - ruby is in the spawn tank getting the fung-sui together, and while I ensure mister tail biting OHM insane red face man is not getting infected.

And I'll condition her within an inch of her life, me wants me some more fishies than her last batch of 25.

GIANTS ARE GIANT! they make me think of Mcains Fish fingers... so THICK and ...nom nom nom

x Ness

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They are all stunning !! The giant has to be my fav so thick bodied !

cant wait to see a full shot of that salamander dragon he looks quite stocky too!! his irid is very blue/green is that the lighting/flash ?

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Hideously lazy, due to my frustration with barracks and designs, the kids are all in 2litre containers in a bay-maree (quarantine anyway)

More dodgy shots! Can't wait to just get one serious shot of each to put in the Melbourne Betta Line Up (showroom photos)

Mister Red face might have to wait before his glamour shots, he is busy introducing himself to Ruby.... in the spawn tank (oops, how did that happen?)

Shooting through glass, through mirky water through scratched plastic.... </end> bad photo disclaimer

ugh - I didn't even clean the glass.

Tail Biter Extraordinare Extended Red... eye spy a spot of cello on that anal!

Lovely full ventrals - combed a little at the ends - I'm hoping ruby will help decrease that with her straight fins... had they not been shredded in the sorority


Reds do look loverly with flash - he was sent to me with a cambo HM female which is very tidy - but I'm not into the cambos, and ruby is a lovely little lady (mother of the salamander spawn)

He's much nicer cropped: His irids are only visible with the flash.


This dude is a real rock star, he's REALLY hard to catch in full flare, one of those darting bloody maniacs:


Can't wait to put him with his little spotty missus... he's got some wonky rays goin on, but me don't care - this was the one I needed to have!

The Dragon wasn't into it.... he'd been un-carded all night and had already told the above marble man what he thought of him... hard to get a full flare.


I tried to get a few shots with and without flash so you can see how his colour works... he's got a real misty steel over his red fins (and butterfly) so he's a Salamander Butterfly Dragon?


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Interesting mask on the dragon - cambodian and extended red spotty chin...


Photo dregs


Yeah, I like him too - thus the thrust into the spawn tank - beside the tail damage, he's in lovely nick, and seems really big - like that dorsal and anal are.... REALLY LONG

He just needs a name now.... Big Red Ned's taken.

I think the dragon is "petal"

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oooooooh lovely the non flash really shows his pinky colour and i can imagine how pretty it is too see the irids shimmer over him as he moves =D Do you have a dragon girl for him? love the face shot!

What an anal fin on mr red huge finnage !!

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