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What's in your community tank?


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I thought it was time to have another thread about something other than Bettas (gasp!).


I'm running an Aqua One Aquis 700 and and no-name brand internal filter rated for 1000l/ph, nothing but sponge in it.

6 x Angelfish

2 x Pearl Gourami

1 x Ghost knife fish

1 x Bristlenose

12 (?) x Rasbora Espei

1 x Otto

3 x Siamese Algae Eater

1 x Panda Guppy

5 x Apistogramma Hongsloi Fab Form II

1 x Male Betta who needs to come out when I can find a spot for him

My tank is overstocked to the max, haha. Please note as I do work in an LFS once fish get too big I can and do take them back. It's nearing that time with some of the Angels but I would rather upgrade and keep my school. Looking for a much bigger tank now. :)



Mr Big, the male from my breeding pair.


A little koi who I believe is a male and may end up being sent back to work for being an aggressive little snot.


Drop dead gorgeous Smokey Leopard angel.


And the absolute best way I've found of keeping everybody happy.. A never ending supply of food. They would gorge themselves at first, and new fish will do it too.. Then they realize, oh, it's always there and eat when they are hungry and often partake in group feeding sessions. Not a skinny fish in sight!

So what's in your community tank? Pictures required ;)

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Beautiful angels and tank Yan.

I have in my 63 gallon tank.

3 albino corries

1 rayal whiptail

1 female apisto sp. fresa

an unknown amount of female betta

1 male betta who just sprouted but gets along

3 dwarf mollies and one emeber tetra

I think I have more but thats all I remember. Piccies later :)

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I have in my 150L (3 ft) planted tank

4 x corydora Juli

4 x long fin panda cory

hundreds of Endlers

about 20 albino shortfin and longfin bristlenose

2 x siamese algae eater

5 x female betta

5 x adult peppermint bristlenose

10 x baby peppermint bristlenose

I know it's massively over stocked... but my nitrate level for the whole tank is about 5ppm with 10% water changes weekly

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Ok. Will see how I go. Three foot tank.

1 pleco.

3 bristlenose

2 royal whiptails

1 peppermint catfish

4 Siamese algae eaters

12 rummynose

12 neons

8 tetras (names ?)

4 scissortails

8 rosy barbs

12 female betta.

Is this overstocked?? Lol

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Ill do pics later as well haha!

3x angels (2 are always fighting will have to move one on soon)

5x rainbowfish (they are scarlet spotted somethingorother mostly silver and blue with orange in fins and some red dots)

1x pepermint bristlenose

8ish betta females

swarm of guppies


stupid ugly black snails

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Probably a bit overstocked Busman, and geez. Couldn't really settle for a schooler, could you? hahaha. I despise the mixed batches of tetra/rasbora look sorry. :P

Also, to everyone, I am sorely disappointed at the lack of photos! And I'm still winning in the overstocked category, haha. I should of made you share your filtration too! Go back and add that, everyone..

I'm running an Aqua One Aquis 700 and and no-name brand internal filter rated for 1000l/ph, nothing but sponge in it.

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I dont know if i can name my filter, it came with the tank and is in the hood, up the inlet into the sponge/floss/noodles and back out.

So your fish only eat worms ? how often do u top up the worm net

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No they get Tetra Colour flake and Tetra granules as well. I've also got some small sinking Spectrum pellets for my Apistos and what not but all the smaller Angels will munch on those too.

They only get a small amount of one of the above once or twice a day, if they beg. Before I used to be throwing food in every time I walked past the tank because they would always sit there begging which is when I came up with this out of pure laziness, lol.

The net varies. If I get a small bag of worms (15ml) then that usually lasts 2-3 days, but on the bigger bags of worm (30ml) that will last a week as long as the worm stays good. Sometimes it's a bad batch that doesn't last as long and I've got to quickly feed it off to all my fish before it all dies. FTR I also grab out small amounts for the channoides and simplex.

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Mine is predictable!

4 foot tank with two large sponge filters on either end

6x Fp. gardneri Aquarium Strain

4x Fp. gardneri Gold

1 male Fp. gardneri Makurdi

3x A. australe

4x Epiplatys sexfasciatus

8x Epiplatys dageti

3x Epiplatys hildagardae

2 Bristlenoses

Photo to follow

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ahh sorry pics !! fine ill recycle some old ones :P

my koi in happier times

the ugly rainbows

this one shows most of the inhabitants + silver and black strip angel shes a girl made the boys fight for her.

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ok no pics but will see what I can do later

I have no idea of quantities



neons? if they have not become food

neon green, gold and red cories and some other varieties I cant remember

bristle nose longfins, albinos, std

scissor tails

columbian tetras

royal whips

longnose whips


silver sharks

clown loach

chain loachs

yoyo loach

and probablly more

hard to keep track of in a planted tank


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Ok I WILL have pics up eventually lol (probably)

cardinals 2, neons 2, bristle 1, female betta's 6, kuhli loaches 2 & flying fox 1

Looking at adding guppies endlers etc...

I'm in the process of cycling a new 120 tank,

so once it's stable I can only imagine my numbers will increase ten fold lol

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