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Ran from Geelong


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Those new strains of guppies are superb, I would be real keen to purchase any of the newer strains from breeders with spare Australian bred stock, please contact me and advise me about price for such guppies, noemibijoux@gmail.com

I will definately be contacting Jody soon about her lovely guppy trios that she has imported as well. Whilst I am very new to this forum I intend line breeding of guppies as a hobby which I will never tire of, many thanks for such a great forum, I may have posted in wrong place, I am just an old guy whom loves fish, regards from Ran from Geelong, Vic

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I Ran from Geelong once........ took ages.


Welcome Ran, it's a pretty friendly forum & lots of guppy keepers around... seems like a bit of an inevitability in fish keeping - they're such charming lil fish.

I've seen some pretty above-average snakeskin guppies at the Aquarium Society of Victoria table shows, and often they have yellow or orange snakeskins at the Coburg aquarium that I have to force myself to walk quickly past for fear of buying more fish.

They also have a good bunch of Tuxedos & multis.


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