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Hi Jesse and welcome to the forum :bighug: as Wayne said their are a few excellent breeders (noit necessesarily in your immediate vicinity) but certainly in QLD. Have a look around the forum, particularly in the Spawn Logs and FS. Busman and Shadoh also have an excellent website. We need PHOTOS of past or current fish!! They are compulsory cos some of us will cry without them :((:whistling: (not me of course :lookaround: ) Jo.

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Hello All-capps Jesse,

You're fortunate that someone Lea is (sort of) near-by, she's a fantastic starting point if you are looking to purchase Betta (fighting fish)

She ships to the Mainland Australia (Sorry nanna Jo) and her fish are great quality.

It'd be great to hear about what you have in mind - if you have some fish already? what goals you have in mind... and what preparation you've done - we'll all happily help offer advice and share our experience.

I can recommend looking through the spawn logs (my favorite) to watch the growth rates etc.... along with some of the spawning setups.

I'm about to start a thread with lots of detail on the setup of a spawn tank, along with introducing a proven difficult pair - who knows if it's going to be successful, but might help de-mystify some of the behaviors you hear about but haven't seen.

All the best - and yeah, we need photos - get yourself a photo bucket account (:


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Jesse is my mate and WOW the amount of fish tanks he has.

His got heaps of tanks and he has got three jobs to support them (and ducks,chickens. He is a member of the local fish club and got breeding convicts (thanks again for the two babies) his got goldfish and his got like 7 tanks at his school that are his

I would love some of the stuff he has (Just need more money)

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