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Upgrade (Almost) Complete


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Thanks guys! Pretty happy with how this is turning out.

Still have -

New lighting to decide on (When the budget allows)

A bucket of plants to plant..

Another bucket of moss to string up somewhere..

A hunky little man to talk into bubblenesting for me..

I spent two hours up to the armpit in unheated water today planting.. NOT my best idea. And now looking at the Tenellus intended carpet with the mossy tank.. I'm thinking it needs to go somewhere else! The weeping moss is going to get tangled in the grassyness :(


Pretty happy with the wood arrangement, the little piece used to FILL my shrimp tank. The two big pieces were salvaged from floods-damaged (read: flattened) forest when I went camping.

Planning to use the back wall to grow more moss, and the only other plants to left and right are Red Lotus' that will hopefully grow up and through the branches. The only intended fauna here is Cherry Shrimp - This will be my only 'ornamental' tank.. the others are all function-first. Also need to cover that blunt end with moss now its exposed.

Yan - The purple bucket thing is from IKEA! Even has drainage holes :D

To all those who think this is tidy.. You should see the other shelf unit off camera, still laden with stuff. I still have no idea what to do with my mini-barracks or the eventual jars I'm going to need heaps of.. <_<

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Update time!

Sorry, I actually have no idea what kind of wood it is, it was 'salvaged' from a campground in Jimna State Forest after half of the place had been flattened by flood.

Tax time gave me enough of a bonus to splash out on some lighting.


The 4ft Shubbie tank, now a Walstad style naturally planted tank. Semi NPT really, the substrate through all these tanks is a soup of potting soil, progagating sand and some used aquasoil I had. Planting is unfortunately limited to Crypts and Anubias, the only things to survive the Shubbie plague!


The shrimp/moss tank. Moss has gone nuts since the lighting upgrade and a pretty hefty trim. Lots of exciting new growth and some willow/unidentified moss coming back from the dead towards the front. The red lotus hasnt grown much bigger, but has heaps of new leaves. Lots of different java fern varieties in here too and plantlets growing out.


Caved, and turned one of the others into a completely impractical planted tank too. Half the volume is taken up by some awesome rocks, and gonna trial some homebrewed C02 in here to help the pogo helferi & blyxa settle in. If it fills in enough I might use it for the sorority, it not.. well I can always start over :D


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Busy watching plants grow, for the most part :blush:

I just use Bunnings organic potting mix, sieving out the big chunks. Costs about 8 dollars for a 25 litre bag, but I find theres more 'soil' versus 'twig' than in the cheap bag.

Thanks for the kind words Les! I'm just winging this, I'm such a noob :D

No idea what I'm doing with this one. Only a pair of Swords, a couple of small Chain swords and a tiny red.. some kind of Echidorous in here so far, and the clump of Ambulia which is already getting nibbled. I thought the one-eyed Chubbies (ranchu) would be less voracious, but they're almost as devastating to my plants as the Shubbies are. There are Kuhli loaches and my few remaining Bristlenosein here as well. Any ideas?


The last of the new four, the Sorority/Spawn tank. Filled it up a bit and added the foreground today, aiming for a jungle really once the Val takes off. Hairgrass and Tenellus 'Mini Chain Sword' at the front.

The SIX new girlies Jarrod very generously gave me today are in here now, along with four of my six old females. They're still jostling for position and hiding a bit, will aim for some actual fish pictures tomorrow :D


Don't like the blue bulbs that came with the bottom light fitting <_<

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Welcome whenever you're in the area Busman Paul! Second generation of Cherries has just berried up, so will have some for you when you're ready for -Your- next tank ;)

Wayne - I have room (And permission, nay, ENCOURAGEMENT) for another rank of tanks beside this one. Thinking another 4ft for growout or perhaps a custom-made barracks.. :D

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Hope the Jewel Box family reunion goes well. I find the dragons to be a little feistier, so keep an eye on that one ;)

Is that corkscrew val in the sorority? I love the look of it and think it might be one of the main BG plants I'll be using once I change to NPT. Hopefully by next meeting, I will have the tank up and running and have plenty of photos to share (I love my new iPhone camera :) )

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Jarrod - Corkscrew Val, yep! Amazing plant, give it a little light and it will go nuts in any kind of substrate. I've seen it send runners straight up vertical surfaces when it runs out of room.

Reunion has been a wee bit volatile.. Was a bit worried at first, theres a couple of torn fins and some very grouchy faces looking out at me.. but they seem a bit more settled tonight.

I officially -suck- at taking fish photos.. But here are a few that are vaguely in focus.

Super-shiny tiny girl is Squeak, Super-huge purple/red lady is Latifah, to show the size difference between biggest/smallest ladies. Squeak was a LFS pressie, she and Latifah are somehow the dominant ladies it seems, one rules the top, one rules the bottom.


Another LFS VT girl (The charity case - 'Newgirl'). She healed up beautifully, then somehow managed to do that to her tail while alone in the barracks :confused:


'Hotlips', one of the new girlies from Jarrods original jewel box spawn. She's a gorgeous colour.


And.. part of the weekend 'Fishy Enrichment Activities'. Half a polystyrene cup. Two one-eyed chubbies, eight baby Kuhli loaches.. and a big ball of tubifex. The plan of course is that wormies escape into the substrate and colonise to provide substrate turnover and occassional snacks. Cup to protect them from nommings while they dig. Did not go entirely to plan, as you see.. but I now know how to catch Kuhlis easily :D


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Really nice looking fish room. I wish I could have everything so organised. Now I'm on the Ikea website plotting out my next fish room renos. :lol:

But I have one question...

How on earth do I get my Shubunkins to do that to a lettuce leaf? I bought a bunch of elodea for them to munch on and all it does is sit there, insidiously taking over my tank. They have no interest in anything that isn't shaped like a pellet.

They wouldn't even eat my homemade gel food that I spent an hour slaving away on <_<

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