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Hi all new here!


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Hey guys I'm new here & just thought I'd say hello! Love the forum very helpful I've been reading loads since I joined a few days ago =)

I only keep 8 betta's at the moment but I love them so much & I'm looking forward to one day soon getting some dragon plakats which in Melbourne I cannot seem to track down!!

Does anyone know of any decent petshops in Melbourne that have a wider variety of betta's?

Anyways look forward to learning a bunch! Cheers Kristy

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Welcome to AusAqua Kristy.... I'm sure some of the Melbournites can give you the good oil on aquarium stores down there.....

If you pop "Melbourne" in your profile it will help others know where you are to give you good advice as well :)

What type of Bettas do you have at the moment? (warning - you are sure to get asked for pics of them! :) )

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Hi Kristy

Welcome to the Melbourne scene. It is a very active scene and I am more interested in the wild mouthbrooding bettas. Good LFS in Melbourne that have quite a variety of different Bettas:

a) Aqueus Aquarium in St Kilda. Best if you speak to Peter there. Prices are not cheap but quality of fish is high.

b) Coburg Aquarium in Bell Street Coburg. Speak to Cameron who is the quarantine room manager (he has been on here several times). Quality of fish is also very high.

Peter and Cameron will do their best to source fish that you are after.

Of course someone (someone) will ship down from Brisbane any Betta that she may have available for sale. Her fish are ultra high quality and her packing and shipping is the best of the best.

You can also buy fish through Aquabid direct from breeders/exporters in Asia. Jod-Lea will import the fish that you have purchased and will quarantine them (at $25 a fish) and then onship them to you. The only fish I have lost through this process were a couple of fish resulting from the massive Queensland floods early this year so it also attests to someone's expertise. I can only suggest you ring someone at her shop in Brisbane (Fischick Aquatics) and get some advice from her (I understand she is currently in Indonesia).

So basically Australian Betta hobbyists are in the situation that they can access any Betta that they want to have.

Enjoy your experience with these wonderful fish


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Thanks for all the warm welcomes :D

I only keep a few different types giant short fin, crowntail & veil tails??

I will have to upload some pics tomorrow for you all to see!

I believe I actually have a pair of the dragon plakats & black orchid crowtails on order though you Jarod :)

If you are the owner of Brisbane betta's.. I emailed a few days ago ;)

Thankyou so much for all that info Bill, I actually got my giant short fin from Coburg..

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Ok so I'm going to attempt to upload some pics!


YAY it worked!!

Ok so this was purchased as a female can anyone confirm it is infact female as I can't see an eggspot..Also is it a veiltail?






Also I just got this girl & her eyes look very strange can anyone let me know if she's sick? She eats & swims just fine..




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Hi they are very pretty bettas! how do you heat all there tanks? especially with this melbourne weather they need warm water !!

This girl looks like she has a cloudy eye which commonly is brought on by very low ph and bad water quality do you have a test kit you could see what the ph is for her tank, improving the water conditions and feeding a good quality food will help cure it.

I would say she is a female yes ! not sure about female vieltails she could be a spade tail or delta type as well.

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Hi Neffy thanks for the input! their water is sitting at between 24-26 degree's the room is climate controlled..

The female with the clouded eyes was only recently purchased & her water was brown & smelt awful!! There was also some dead fish in the tank with her & they were half eaten etc..

I've got her in a tank with 25-50 water changes done every 4-6 days & I add the water conditioner & stress coat to her water as needed.

Her eyes seem to be clearing up slowly & a few days ago I decided to put an air stone in her tank just to help with oxygen levels etc..

I hope she perks up as she's my halfmoon female & very pretty!

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