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Something different.

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Hey all, I will be getting an 16-18 litre tank soon (I got it but has a male CT in it) and was thinking about turning it into a completely self contained tank that I will not have to do anything with or ever have to touch.

I have plenty of rocks to go in it and a fair bit of substrate but I have no idea where to start, what plants or creatures to go in it, I was thinking of one of those special tanks with cling film on top so it never loses water. Now I want to go completely self contained as Mum wants the tanks gone due to electricity costs, but I don't want to sell the small fighter tank as it cost me a fortune.

I don't want to spend much on it because I already have rocks and substrate to go in it.

I'm after plants and maybe a shrimp that can survive in the tank with the oxygen the plant makes.

For the life of me I can't remember what this kind of tank is called! It has a name but I just can't think of it. Just substrate a few plants and little water in a tank sealed with cling film. :confused:

Edit: I found a picture similar to what I want, but this one is filled up with water. I like how this one looks.


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I wonder if you could do a bonsai (azalea as eg) and have that's raised on an island above the water level. That would be special. Like that last photo.

I am in enough trouble talking about cichlid tank, now I am thinking something totally different. Thanks. Lol.

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A planted tank with both aquatic and terrestrial elements to it.

Or the little one you posted, a Nano tank.

Love the idea, the bigger the better IMO if you're going to be losing water volume to air & other plants.

Bonsai you might have to be careful with the species if they're going to have their roots wet, I don't think many are boggy types of plants.

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Don't know your area but head out of town and find a nice piece of dead gum tree to use

for plants you could go hairgrass, glosso any of the Hemianthus M/U/C will grow as a carpet plant out of the water HC if enough light will grow low under the water mosses could be tried out of water but will be needed to be kept moist you could even try some pieces of terrestrial mosses on the dry area as long as it is damp

although probably to big but java will grow emmersed quite well if you keep a lid on the tank many of the aquatic plants will grow different when out of water and could be used ludwiga although may take over

Also check out bog water and plants for terrariums as they should do fine and generally pretty cheap you could also try some small bromeliads (Tillandsia) glued to the tree I would think you could get these quite cheap in QLD the smaller ones would look nice on the tree and add a little color

examples but I do mean tiny ones only


The only thing is trying to keep it all perspective as to size and that will take a bit of work and may require changing plants as the grow to big

I look forward to seeing what you come up with


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