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Qbanbetta Introduction


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My screen name as you know is Qbanbetta. I'm originally from Cuba (where I learned how to breed betta splendens), and lived in the US for over 20 years. I was a member of LABS (Los Angeles Betta Society)and was an active breeder all those years.

Moved June 1st to Melbourne, AU. I intend to build a fish room here.

I'm glad I've found this forum. Hope to meet good friends here and share the wonders of this hobby.

Best regards,


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Welcome qbanbetta. Very excited to have someone with your experience on the forum as well as in Melbourne. Especially since you will have been active before the halfmoon and before metallic. I'm hoping you can help me figure out some of the things about the historical development of colour which don't make sense to me.

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How exciting, welcome to the forum.

I was in cuba in 2003, magic place- and the music! (oh my)

We're building quite a strong Betta community here in Victoria, so welcome to the forum, and to Melbourne.

Fortunately the meets are not very far from where you live, Clifton Hill and Nunawading (further east)

You're close to Subscape, and New Life aquarium on Victoria Street, but haven't seen HMs or even CT's there in a while.

All the best with your breeding - mmm maybe ww wwhen ii iits a lll little ww warmer?

After today I'm putting ALL breeding on hold - sideways rain and HAIL.

x Ness

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Nanna Jo - Aren't you already in? Baby - Tazzy is BASICALLY south Melbourne..... anyone's an honorary VicBetta!

(: But choo gotta cough up the big bucks to put a logo in your signature! mwahahah


Have a look through the threads of Aquarium Societies and Meetings - we have several things coming up in mid July that might be of interest.

And we'll all be there having a good 'ol time.

What tanks/fish do you have at the moment?


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