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Cory Fry, Living in darkness.


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  1. 1. Have you had Filter babies?

    • Yes, I have found babies in filters.
    • No, I haven't had Filter babies yet.

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Ok so I was moving my Gym set today to sell it and I bumped my Eheim 2226pro canister and it sent the water black, this gave me a near heart attack and I rushed 70% of the water out and took my 2226 apart to clean. So I was pouring the water from the 2226 into my wash sink and a few algae pieces clogged up the drain, I was annoyed by this stage that I had to dig around in that stinky hole to unclog it. So as I was putting the filter onto the washing machine lid I noticed a shadow racing around the sink. So I watched it for a few seconds and it dawned on me what it was, Baby Similis! So I quickly caught it and raced it back into my 3ft then went back to cleaning my filter carefully watching what I was doing in case not to squish any more if there was any. So I got to the bottom and saw the muck and started to pour it through a net as to catch any fish that may fall out, almost empty and nothing caught in the net. I put the canister back on the washing machine lid and peered into the bottom to spot not 1 but 2 more babies, so I raced them back into the 3ft, and went back to the sink, upon arrival I put some water in there and stirred it a little and there was another 3 still in the muck. So now after watching my 4 little corys grow up along side a few b-nose and 2 plecs I can admire 11 baby Similis!

Oh my, Sorry I just realised I posted this in the wrong section :( Can I get it moved please.

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Congrats! lol

Happens pretty often. :)

Every time my dad cleans his canister he has me hold a net to drain the water through. It's usually just guppy fry.

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What a cute surprise :D

and just cause im a geek i have to gush about the fact that moving this topic was my fist use of admin power ehehehe XD

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I've had a few pseudotropheus acei fry in a canister filter on a couple of occasions.... pretty stunted in growth but they fed well enough and grew after I rescued them....

got no idea how long they were in there for though as I don't clean the canister out every week.... or month.....

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