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The Melbourne Betta Line-up

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MT like I said today - i think i might try and find him a RT or DT female (non red) and see what happens - agreed that the topline and ...dammit... the anal and dorsal need more work (volume) but if I find an outstanding female - everything's a maybe.

Happy with my little noodle

For the record - this is my show pony from the Metallic blue x Super blue spawn: Copper (F3) x Super Blue HM...


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Hey Ness

He is a Keeper. Just for the nr gene maby try him with a cambo girl so it is easyer to recover the nr in the second generation with nothing masking it. you say white so maby opaque is in play hear and that can be put to good use with any for of matalic giveing some nice dragons later down the track. cant wait for the photo shoot and what you decide for his mate. Jim would be able to line somthing up for him I am sure.



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Not sure why you need a photo of this, but - here are some of RiffRaff's HMs in my freshly cleaned barracks. cleaned.

not... sure... why.. *shrug*

it's like when you clean your room and you want to tell everyone about it

i guess


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