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I just wanted to express my appreciation for the wonderful attention to detail and quality in my guppy order from someone.

After quite a lot of research ,I had in mind the genes I needed to play with and then put the hard word on someone.My wishlist would be blood curdling for most importers but someone spoke to her suppliers within hours of my order being placed.....as if I had asked for a box of mixed guppies.

Yesterday I received,in perfect condition,some fish I have only seen in photos.....here is the impressive list of fish sent by someone

Albino Full Platinum Swallow

Albino Red See Thru

Medusa Swallow

Platinum Blue Grass Swallow

Albino Coral Red Double Swordtail

Albino Full Red Swallow

Albino Red Lace

Black Moscow Swallow

The quality of these fish far exceeded my hope and to top things off,this morning I found fry in with the Platinum Blue Grass Swallows.

someone also sent-on a gift from Di Wilks of several gorgeous Flamenco Dancers,which also presented some fry today.

I cannot recommend someone more highly to anyone considering using her specialist service.

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Wow you got some great fish from someone, can I ask a question about what you do when you get your fish. I bought a trio of the full red swallowtails and a pair of the medusa swallowtails but I have lost the male full red swallowtail.

I read that stress can make them sick and the males are more susceptible to stress. I am just learning about guppies and want to give them the best start I can. What set up do you have ready for them, do you test ph etc in the water they come in and match that to the tank you are going to put them in? What about food? I think my boy might have got constipated as he wasn't showing symptoms other than lying on the bottom on the tank. Is it important to keep up the same food as what has been fed at someone's?

Appreciate any advice you can give.

Thanks Lyn

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Lyn,you asked some very good questions there.

Here are my thoughts.Firstly,we know that someone is the most important importer in Australia and being of a scientific background with no retail bull***t,her fish will have the very best care.

However they may be handled in transit,the guppies are most likely used to a diet rich in live food.Failure to continue this could be cause of most livebearer deaths in this country.

I had 10 30cm cubes ready to take the trios and used a mix of tap water and water from other clean tanks at about 3 to 1.U/G filters with Quartz gravel in 3-4mm grains and a handfull of Marble Chips [same size] about 4cm deep.I squeezed a few matured sponge filters to charge the gravel with bacteria and left it for two days.[Two days more than usual].

What I noticed is the difference in behaviour and vigor between the strains.I also lost my Red Swallow male but the fry are healthy.The Albino Coral Red Swordtails were very keen to eat their own fry on sight and actively chased them as well.Most productive are the Bluegrass Swallows and Medusa Swallows....lots of smallish fry...medium growth.The surprise is with the red albino See-Thrus which produce large,stocky fry.

If I had to choose one type it would be tough but the albino platinum swallows are my fave overall.

I feed them live daphnia,mossies,baby brine shrimp and frozen daphnia.They also get Tetra Colour Granules.

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Thank you so much! Plenty of helpful information there, I agree someone has some fantastic fish and I am lucky that I can go and visit her aladdins cave.

I ended up losing my male medusa swallowtail as well, due to inexperience he was thriving with his mate but I got concerned when she was getting larger and she was chasing the male around, his tail was getting torn and I was also thinking that she was ready to drop fry. I transferred her into the tank with my two female albino red swallowtails and put the male in the 4 footer tank full of my moggy grow out guppies. He was delighted chasing females around but after a couple of weeks he went the same way as my male RREA swallowtail, going to the bottom, lethargic and not eating.

I've ordered some more males off someone and another medusa swallowtail pair which should be arriving any day now. Will take on board what you have done.

Only one of the females has dropped fry, the other two seem to be holding, they are fat and have gravid spots but are well past the normal gestation period. Have 5 fry and they are thriving now a couple of weeks old. I also have some galaxy speartail fry someone gave me which are growing like weeds. I was surprised by the size of the fry when born, the females are not large specimans yet the fry were larger than the moggy guppies have (do you think that is because younger females, smaller amount of babies, and possibly longer gestation period?)

With all the strains of guppies you have got, you must have a huge fish room!

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Something made me wonder if you give them live or frozen food.I believe they need at least some frozen Daphnia or gut loaded Brine Shrimp but by far,Mossie Larvae is the best of all foods.

At times,I have noticed a female holding back when there are other fish in the tank.I think this is because the fish hang around to eat the fry as they are born.In winter,the gestation period may increase and also if there is no live food.Make sure there is plenty of cover.Some strains seem more canabalistic with their fry

I usually float lots of stem plants or hornwort in the top 5-10cm of the tank.I also use moss on the floor of the tank.Well fed fish are less likely to eat the fry..

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Yippee I went and picked up from someone today two pairs of albino red swallowtails and some beautiful platinum bluegrass swallowtail, I took on board how you set up your tanks for the new arrivals and I felt more confident settling them in. They seem to be happy enough at the moment but we shall see over the next couple of days.

You are right I don't give much live food to my thai guppies, I usually feed frozen brine shrimp, frozen blood worms and live black worms to my guppies but the thai guppies would just let them sink to the bottom. I tried micro worms and they do seem a little more interested in them. I do feed mosquito larvae to my other guppies but have been a bit reluctant to feed to the swallowtails in case they don't eat them and I end up with mosquitoes!

I have wisteria floating on the surface and elodea, java moss and subwassterg (?) on the bottom for the fry to hide in. The one lot of fry I did have separated between the bottom and top to hide. I am hoping to introduce my new guys to my old gals in a couple of weeks and get some breeding going.

You sound like you have been breeding guppies for a while now, it is great how you are sharing your experience with newbies likes myself a BIG thankyou :bighug:

someone has just got a new shipment in of guppies if anyone is interested, she was still taking them out to display in her shop when I was there today. My advice if you are wanting some be quick, they were literally swimming out the door!

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