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Hi, Abby here

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I've also always wanted to own an elephant. Ever since I rode one.. it was awesome! I got to be at the front, and was really small so I dipped under the bars and sat on its neck, patted it. :)

My sister was behind me telling me to get back because she was so jealous. :D But that is a dream, unlike the farm, that I don't think will come true.

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yeh he said i could breed but i think he under estimates the amount each spawn produces :)but i want to start with a *NICE* pair. i was going to start with dastan and tamina but im doubting taminas sex, so i need more gals, i want a green hm pair and then i also need a red ct female and blue-red-purleish vt for dastan and if taminas a boy then he will become Tazzy lol would too need a pair to go with

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