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New IQ3 Aquariums

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Hi guys,

Today, I popped down to the Coburg Aquarium to check out their bettas and had a look around at other fascinating creatures that they sold. I came across a very nice looking display unit with a lot of IQ3 Aquarium/tanks for display. They look small but has an in built filter and LED lights come with it too. I was just wondering, with a tank like that, what fishes could you keep in them?

And would it be easy to maintain or are they not ideal for keeping fishes in?

Thanks a lot guys =]

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I have 2 of these tanks from Age of Aquariums for $99 each

I was not happy with the setup after about 3 weeks. The water flow from the pump created too much surface movement

The path the water takes to the filter did not generate good flow, and I found the 2 hole lower down were the main flow to the filter.

so surface gunk would not be drawn in via top inlets.

The result was. I took all the parts out and cut the section between filter system and tank to increase total size.

put in a 7.5w Hydor heater and sponge filter.

My Betta love this new setup.

Before modifications


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I posted about these last weekend steven up in general discussions.......they were $125 and the light and other things were extras on top of the $125................then you need to fill it with fish and decroations.....if you saw them at coburg you should know what you can put in them they had them set up with fish in them

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