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Wide Bay Aquarium Society

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The Wide Bay Aquarium Society is progressing slowly but surely and has just launched its new forum..... (am I allowed to put the link here?)

After initial discussions between myself and another person from Bundaberg over the 2009/2010 Christmas period we launched a campaign to start a regional Aquarium society.... we have a small membership spread out over a wide area 200km north to south and about 150km west of the coast with meetings having been held in Hervey Bay and Bundaberg over the last 12 months.

Already we have links with top equipment suppliers, (even have a sponsor wanting to come on board), and also some good quality fish suppliers throughout Australia.... the majority of members are cichlid keepers but please to say one of the members (apart from me) has recently bred some Bettas :) A number of members are also interested in supporting the "save the cichlid" campaign to keep alive the cichlid species we have in Australia (and cannot import anymore), some are keen on L number catfish and a few are bristlenose breeders... a good variety for a small number so far....

Hopefully over the coming 12 months and with our small band of passionate fish keepers we can grow a little more and reach out to other aquarium societies throughout the country....

Anyone wanting to join the WBAQS can contact me for info or sign up on our web site and introduce themselves....

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