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Hey just a question Yan... what's the difference between "Disgrunted Crab" and just being "Crabby"?

Maybe I should just get some sleep... Even I don't think that's funny anymore! (Hilarious 5sec ago, but now... meh)

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Being crabby is a mood, being a disgrunted crab is caused by being an ugly little crab who no one likes. *lol*

Figured since I have about zero chance of getting any reply from Guppys I would just keep the powerheads. They're so freaking huge. Not cool. Take up way too much room in the tank, and one wasn't enough. Sigh.

Will have to buy some replacements. But for now, they're doing a good job. They're lifting a lot of waste and sediment off the rocks and substrate into the water where it's getting filtered... Yay for clean rocks and substrate. Tank looks like a mini washing machine. :P

I'm thinking I need to bring home some hermit crabs soon. :) I love hermit crabs! As opposed to disgruntled crab who is downright ugly with hairy legs.

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Don't think I need to worry about that, MT. :) This crab's apparently been in here for at least a year and has remained small enough to hide.

I got 4 (very) small hermit crabs on tuesday. All but one have wandered off into the rock work. They're cute. I did want bigger ones but I also didn't want to add too much bio-load at this point. They'll grow eventually, anyways.

Yesterday was a killer, I'm sure glad this tank came with a chiller. It runs SO hot. I'm looking for some new fans and trying to think of ways to keep it cooler.

No pics 'cause.. Well, I'm lazzzyyy. :( There's still not much to look at, either..

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I've been cameraless for two weeks. It was just sad, before. Now it's torturous.

Today (along with some coppers) I picked up a bubble tip anemone from Kermadum, and from my LFS a Lemonpeel angel and two pajama cardinals.

I'm also testing out my coral keeping abilities with a very small clutch (group...?) of star polyps and a couple of very small corallimorphs. It looks like I can (amazingly!) keep these things alive! Oh and I've also had a larger bubble tip anemone for a little while. I did get a pic of that before my camera got left at my sisters where it's no doubt met it's doom in the hands of her three gremlins.

I'll tell you what though, I'm well and truly over water testing. I thought testing FW tanks were bad. Try testing reef tanks. Ugh.


On my wish list of tank improvements is...

The Vortech MP10 pump which comes with an 'ecosmart driver'... Basically, it has I think 9 different wave modes and you can set the speed/strength of them. I love this thing. I want it. Now. Probably going to end up being a birthday present to myself though. :PMP10 Demo

I'd like to get a custom made media rack and a better protein skimmer. Stock skimmer has issues with microbubbles and appears to be generally inadequite, so I only run it at night.

Fans in the side of the hood need replacing, they're half dead and sound like someone sitting on a cat. Over and over again. I bought PC fans for this, but they're actually too narrow, I think. May try them anyway.

I am considering modding the hood to insert LED lights. I've toyed with the thought of pulling out the T5s (tank runs extremely hot with these on) and replacing the entire panel with LEDs, it would be rather expensive but the heat that comes off the T5s is just incredible, LEDs would solve this problem. They would also be MUCH cheaper to run. Much to consider, I couldn't afford to do anything about this in the near future anyway.

In the mean time, I'm going to get this light to make the tank look more blue. I like blue.

More coral. Need not say anything more.

PS. I need a camera. :( Stupid car drying up all my spending money...

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It would be a month tomorrow since the last update, but I'm making it now...

I've made a MAJOR upgrade to this tank... LEDS!!!!!!!!!!! (AquaBeam 600 Ultra LED 2 strip lights - one solid blue one solid white) :cheer::love::dance: The heat difference is AMAZING. I used to burn my hand if I touched the plastic cover over the old lights. Now there's NO HEAT AT ALL. It's just amazing. I'm sure my chiller is thanking me.

I also had a quick look through the live rock yesterday and found some with coral that survived the trip! So I snapped some of those pieces up. The tank is looking better and better. Now without further ado, here's some (really bad) pics while the video uploads




I played with the zoas pic (the one with just the blue LED strip on) in photoshop to try and get it closer to what it looks like IRL.. I just couldn't do it. These things are amazing, they look like they are glowing under blue LEDs.

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Okay video here.. I tried to do audioswap twice! It says it's done so I check the video and nope.. No audio. Stupid youtube. :(

Wow, bizarre. I was going through the editing options and the audio only shows up in the annotations category. This is so annoying.

Edited by Yan
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Oh Dear Yan....you are in the same boat as Sarah and her Axies....so much ugliness to look at...send it to me and save your sight. I only make these offers because I care, no need to thank me :bighug:

Seriously Yan the tank is looking great and all the fish look really healthy too, great job! NannaJo B)

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Finally razored all the algae off the sides (that I could reach without moving rocks). Thought I had done the back pretty well too until I put the hood back down and the LEDs lit it up like a kids face on christmas. :censor:. Can't see what I'm doing without the lights on it but can't get to it with the hood down!

Pics to come once the coral opens back up.. Got quite a few new pieces, with hopefully with even more on the weekend! Considering trying my first acro, lol.

At this point I'm seriously considering selling my boys, the betta barracks and this current tank and get a 4ft reef tank. What have I started...?!

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Timer was due to go off so I took what I could of the corals. Most aren't fully open, but pretty anyways. Excuse the varying colours and what not in the pics, was playing with settings and did a bit of 'shopping to try and get the colours as close to natural as possible. I'll say it again for like the millionth time, I need a new/proper camera.


What is this scary thing you're pointing at me? A camera, what's that?


Camera seems harmless. Fire goby says hello.


Mrs and Mr Clownfish are the first ones out after the algae razoring. Forever the brave ones.


A leather.


Fire goby says 'Stop taking pictures of the leathers, me! me! Camera on me!'

more to come...

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Catalaphyllia with star polyps on the side.


Mix of Euphyllias.


More unopened star polyps. This one has taken over a week to open, then it started to. I had to move it to scrub the algae off and it's started sulking again. :( Hope it opens back up fully. Today was the first day I'd ever seen it open.


Full tank shot. Most of the fish are in the back hiding, they didn't like the algae being scraped off any more than the coral did, lol.

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We have a lion fish in at work.. he doesn't like me much. Either do the eels lately. They keep biting me instead of taking the food. They do it intentionally, ungrateful turds.

Snowflake eel is among one of my dream fish. Maybe when I get that 4ft reef tank.. lol. Means no fire gobies or other little guys either though. :(

Dream tank consists of a heap of dwarf angelfish. Flame, lemonpeel, coral beauty, flameback, multibar, half black.. could go on and on.. lol

Would love a splendid dottyback but they're nasty, nasty horrible tempered fish. Gorgeous to look at though. *dreamy sigh*

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lol @ "ungrateful turds" :)

you're right about snowflake eels - amazing colour patterns on them - a bit similar in a way to young dragon wrasse's - love their colour pattern too.....

Coral beauties are amazing colours aren't they! love flame angels too - brilliantly coloured....

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Love the snowflake eel at work. If I could bring him home I would. He usually curls himself up in my hand and will take bites out of a defrosted block of marine dinner or will politely take pieces off you and swim off to eat them before coming back for more. :wub: Don't know why he's been so nasty the last couple of days but I poked him in the nose for it.. Hopefully he'll have a better attitude next time, lol.

I had the hardest time choosing a dwarf for my current tank, but a lemonpeel angel popped up at just the right time, healthy, ate well and is far from shy so I took him. I wish I had a second tank so I could try adding in another angel and move one of they don't get along. One is just not enough!

Have you seen the flameback angels? They're drop dead gorgeous (IMO).

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